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carbonate US English

A salt of the anion CO32-, typically formed by reaction of carbon dioxide with bases

ammonium carbonate US English

A white crystalline solid that slowly decomposes giving off ammonia and is an ingredient of sal volatile

calcium carbonate US English

A white, insoluble solid occurring naturally as chalk, limestone, marble, and calcite, and forming mollusk shells and stony corals

sodium carbonate US English

A white alkaline compound with many commercial applications including the manufacture of soap and glass

carbonate-fluorapatite US English

A fluorine-containing mineral of the apatite group occurring as colourless or whitish crystals in some sedimentary rocks.

magnesium carbonate US English

An insoluble white solid, MgCO3, which occurs naturally as the mineral magnesite, and is used as an antacid, as a food additive, as a white pigment, etc.