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carrier US English

A person or thing that carries, holds, or conveys something

carrier US Thesaurus

our private carrier delivers more than ten thousand packages a month

carrier bag US English

A plastic or paper bag with handles, especially one supplied by a shop to carry goods purchased there

bulk carrier US English

A ship that carries nonliquid cargoes such as grain or ore in bulk

carrier shell US English

A mollusc of warm seas which camouflages itself by cementing shell fragments and pebbles to its shell

carrier wave US English

A high-frequency electromagnetic wave modulated in amplitude or frequency to convey a signal

mail carrier US English

A person who is employed to deliver and collect letters and parcels

spear carrier US English

An actor with a walk-on part

troop carrier US English

A large aircraft or armored vehicle or ship designed for transporting troops

Water Carrier US English

The zodiacal sign or constellation Aquarius

carrier pigeon US English

A homing pigeon trained to carry messages tied to its neck or leg

charge carrier US English

A particle that carries an electric charge

common carrier US English

A person or company that transports goods or passengers on regular routes at set rates

letter carrier US English

A mail carrier

people carrier US English

A motor vehicle with three rows of seats, enabling the transport of more passengers than the average car

ration carrier US English

(On a sheep or cattle station) an employee who delivers supplies to workers on distant parts of the station

tiffin carrier US English

A set of shallow metal food containers which sit on top of each other inside a hinged metal frame fastened by a clasp

aircraft carrier US English

A large warship equipped to serve as a base for aircraft that can take off from and land on its deck

insurance carrier US English

An insurer; an insurance company

personnel carrier US English

Another term for armored personnel carrier.

armored personnel carrier US English

An armored military vehicle used to transport troops

ballcarrier US English

A player in possession of the ball and attempting to advance it

subcarrier US English

A carrier wave modulated by a signal wave and then used with other subcarriers to modulate the main carrier wave

message-bearer US English

A person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages

message-carrier in message-bearer US English

A person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages

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