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case1 US English

An instance of a particular situation; an example of something occurring

case2 US English

A container designed to hold or protect something

case1 US Thesaurus

a classic case of overreaction

case2 US Thesaurus

a cigarette case

in case US English

As a provision against something happening or being true

base case US English

The particular case of a system being analysed in which no variables are changed from their initial values.

best-case US English

Belonging or relating to the best of a number of possible situations or sets of circumstances; designating such a situation or set of circumstances (frequently with scenario).

case bay US English

The space between two girders.

case file US English

A collection of documents and evidence relating to a particular legal case

case form US English

A morphological variant of a word which serves to indicate its case.

case law US English

The law as established by the outcome of former cases

case man US English

A compositor.

case moth US English

Any of various small moths with larvae that spin protective cases around themselves; especially a bagworm moth of the family Psychidae.

case note US English

(Chiefly in plural) a note recording the condition or treatment of a person receiving medical attention, social care, etc.

case oil US English

Oil, especially paraffin, transported in metal cans packed in wooden cases.

case shot US English

Bullets or pieces of metal in an iron case fired from a cannon

case weed US English

Shepherd's purse, Capsella bursa-pastoris.

cold case US English

An unsolved criminal investigation which remains open pending the discovery of new evidence

cot-case US English

A person who is too ill to leave their bed

eye case US English

Entomology the cuticle that covers the eye of an adult insect or the developing eye of a pupa.

hard case US English

A tough or intractable person

head case US English

A mentally ill or unstable person

job case US English

A receptacle for types, used in job printing and having boxes for both upper- and lower-case types.

pair-case US English

A double case for a watch, consisting of an inner case containing the workings and a protective or decorative outer case.

pen-case US English

A case or container for a pen or pens.

pipe case US English

A case for a tobacco pipe or its bowl.

pupa case US English

The horny cuticle of a pupa or chrysalis.

reed case US English

Music a case for storing the reeds used in an instrument such as an oboe or clarinet.

sad case US English

A pathetic, socially inept, or otherwise contemptible person.

soul case US English

The body

test case US English

A case that sets a precedent for other cases involving the same question of law

wing case US English

Each of a pair of modified toughened forewings that cover the functional wings in certain insects, especially an elytron of a beetle

head case US Thesaurus

it seems that every family has at least one head case

case-by-case US English

On the basis of, or according to, each individual case; so as to consider each case separately, taking into account its individual circumstances and features.

basket case US English

A person or thing regarded as useless or unable to cope

camel case US English

A typographical convention in which an initial capital is used for the first letter of a word forming the second element of a closed compound, e.g.PayPal, iPhone, MasterCard

case-based US English

Utilizing individual or collected cases, case studies, or case reports, as source material or evidence.

case-bottle US English

A (usually square) bottle that fits in a case with others.

case frame US English

(In case grammar) the underlying set of semantic and syntactic relationships linking the verb with the nominal phrases of the sentence at the level of deep structure.

case goods US English

Merchandise transported, stored, or sold in cases.

case-harden US English

Harden the surface of (a material)

case house US English

A brothel.

case keeper US English

A person who keeps a record of the cards taken from the dealing box.

case knife US English

A type of dagger carried in a sheath

case-maker US English

A person who makes cases.

case phrase US English

A phrase consisting of a preposition and noun serving to express the relationship of that noun to another element in the clause rather than a simple case inflection (as foot of a crow rather than crow's foot).

case report US English

A report (typically written or published) of a medical, legal, or other type of case.

case sheet US English

A document recording a patient's medical history; also in extended use.

case spring US English

Each of two springs in the hinged cover of a hunting watch, one that keeps it closed and one that causes the cover to fly open when the first spring is released by pressure on the cover.

case study US English

A process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time

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