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change US English

Make or become different

Change in change US English

A place where merchants met to do business

change US Thesaurus

this could change the face of television

change-up US English

A deceptively slow pitch intended to throw off the batter’s timing

change step US English

(In marching) alter one’s step so that the opposite leg marks time

change off US English

Take turns

change over US English

Move from one system or situation to another

gear change US English

A mechanism which changes gear on a motor vehicle

high change US English

The time of greatest activity in a mercantile exchange; the exchange itself at such a time.

last change US English

A final metamorphosis; specifically death or (in some religious contexts) resurrection viewed as the final stage in a person's passage through time.

oil change US English

The replacement of oil in an engine

sea change US English

A profound or notable transformation

sex change US English

A change in a person’s physical sexual characteristics, typically by surgery and hormone treatment

step change US English

(In business or politics) a significant change in policy or attitude, especially one that results in an improvement or increase

change color US English

Blanch or flush

change hands US English

(Of a business or building) pass to a different owner

change places US English

Exchange places or roles

change purse US English

A small strapless purse used for carrying money

chump change US English

A small or insignificant amount of money

circle change US English

A slow pitch used as a changeup, in which a pitcher bends the forefinger into the thumb before throwing the ball from the palm.

colour change US English

A change in colour; (Zoology) the alteration in the colour of an animal's coat, skin, plumage, etc., either for camouflage (especially in response to change in the surroundings) or as a signal to others (e.g. as a warning, a cue for mating, etc.).

facies change US English

A spatial transition from one facies to another.

flying change US English

A movement in riding in which the leading leg at the canter is changed without breaking gait while the horse is in the air

change gears US English

Adopt a different approach to a situation or task

phase change US English

= phase shift.

pocket change US English

= loose change.

presto change US English

= presto changeo.

quick change US English

A rapid change of costume made by an actor during a performance in order to play a different part; usually (hyphenated) attributive (also in extended use).

quick-change US English

To change clothes rapidly; to perform a ‘quick change’.

racing change US English

A swift and efficient method of changing gear; a gear change effected by this method.

range change US English

A facility on a gearbox which enables shifting between several discrete ranges of gears; also attributive.

regime change US English

The replacement of one administration or government by another, especially by means of military force

scene-change US English

A change of the scenery on a theatre stage (or of the setting represented by this), usually marking the beginning of a new unit of action; (also) a move from one setting or unit of action to another in a film, television programme, etc.

small change US English

Coins of low value

social change US English

A change in the customs, institutions, or culture of a society, especially due to ideological or technological factors; also as a mass noun.

small change US Thesaurus

check your pockets for small change

for a change US English

Contrary to how things usually happen; for variety

change-ringing US English

The ringing of sets of church bells or handbells in a constantly varying order

climate change US English

A change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels

climatic change US English

= climate change.

position change US English

Any change in the order of the genes along a chromosome.

change management US English

The management of change and development within a business or similar organization

change of pace US English

A change from what one is used to

plus ça change US English

Used to express resigned acknowledgment of the fundamental immutability of human nature and institutions

structural change US English

(In early theories of transformational generative grammar) a change in syntactic structure resulting from the application of a transformational rule.

bureau de change US English

An establishment at which customers can exchange foreign money

change one's mind US English

Adopt a different opinion or plan

change the subject US English

Begin talking about something different, especially to avoid embarrassment or the divulgence of confidences

change one's tune US English

Express a different opinion or behave in a different way

change of scenery US English

A move to different surroundings

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