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chloride US English

A compound of chlorine with another element or group, especially a salt of the anion Cl- or an organic compound with chlorine bonded to an alkyl group

acetyl chloride US English

A colourless, readily hydrolysable liquid with a pungent odour, used as an acetylating agent in organic synthesis.

ethyl chloride US English

A gas or volatile liquid (boiling point 12°C) with a sweet odour, used (especially formerly) as a refrigerant and in making tetraethyl lead.

ferric chloride US English

Iron(iii) chloride, a red or (when hydrated) yellow solid with Lewis acid properties, used in solution to promote the clumping of particles in sewage treatment, and as an etchant for copper.

methyl chloride US English

A gas, CH3Cl, which is liquid below 12°C and is used as a refrigerant; also called chloromethane.

silver chloride US English

A white insoluble powder that darkens on exposure to light, owing to the production of metallic silver. It is used in making photographic emulsions and papers

sodium chloride US English

A colorless crystalline compound occurring naturally in seawater and halite; common salt

vinyl chloride US English

A colorless toxic gas used in the production of polyvinyl chloride and other commercially important polymers

aluminium chloride US English

A white solid which fumes in moist air and reacts violently with water, and is widely used as a catalyst, especially to promote alkylation or acylation by the Friedel-Crafts reaction.

aluminum chloride US English

= aluminium chloride.

ammonium chloride US English

A white crystalline salt used chiefly in dry cells, as a mordant, and as soldering flux

calcium chloride US English

A white crystalline salt used to de-ice roads and as a drying agent

carbonyl chloride US English

Another term for phosgene.

magnesium chloride US English

A colourless deliquescent substance, MgCl2, which occurs in various mineral deposits, and is used as a source of metallic magnesium and in cement-making.

manganese chloride US English

A chloride of manganese, especially manganese(ii) chloride (manganous chloride), a pink, deliquescent crystalline solid, MnCl2, which is used as a catalyst, disinfectant, and feed additive, and in dyeing.

mercuric chloride US English

A toxic white crystalline compound, used as a fungicide and antiseptic

mercurous chloride US English

Another term for calomel.

methylene chloride US English

The organic solvent dichloromethane, CH2Cl2.

nitrosyl chloride US English

A reactive orange-yellow gas with oxidizing properties, ClNO, made by reaction of chlorine and nitric oxide.

platinic chloride US English

Platinum tetrachloride, PtCl4, a red-brown solid obtained by heating platinum with chlorine.

polyvinyl chloride US English

A tough, chemically resistant synthetic resin made by polymerizing vinyl chloride and used for a wide variety of products including pipes, flooring, and sheeting

potassium chloride US English

A white or colourless solid, KCl, used as a fertilizer and as a substitute for sodium chloride in the diet.

phosphoric chloride US English

= phosphorus pentachloride.

polyvinylidene chloride US English

Any of a class of resinous polymers of vinylidene chloride in which the repeating unit is the group —CH2CCl2, and which have a wide range of applications, especially as impact- and chemical-resistant films and fibres; abbreviated PVDC.

sodium chloride in salt US English

A white crystalline substance that gives seawater its characteristic taste and is used for seasoning or preserving food

aluminic chloride in aluminic US English

Of or containing aluminium; especially in the names of compounds, as aluminic chloride, aluminic hydrate, etc.

carbonyl chloride in phosgene US English

A colorless poisonous gas made by the reaction of chlorine and carbon monoxide. It was used as a poison gas, notably in World War I