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circle US English

A round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the center)

circle US Thesaurus

a circle of gold stars

base circle US English

The circle from which are generated the involutes forming the profiles of gear teeth, having the form of a circle concentric with the pitch circle but of slightly smaller diameter.

circle work US English

The recreational activity of driving a vehicle around in tight circles

crop circle US English

An area of standing crops that has been flattened in the form of a circle or more complex pattern. No general cause of crop circles has been identified although various natural and unorthodox explanations have been put forward; many of the circles are known to have been hoaxes

drum circle US English

A group of North American Indian drummers who sit in a circle and beat a single drum using drum beaters.

home circle US English

A person's close family or friends.

mid-circle US English

Geometry. A circle related to two given circles by the property that it is transformed into a straight line by a mapping which transforms one given circle into the other. rare.

Mohr circle US English

A circle plotted on a Mohr diagram of a body under stress, each point of which has coordinates representing the stresses parallel and normal to a particular plane in the body. Also Mohr (also Mohr's) stress circle.

red-circle US English

Business (chiefly Canadian). To downgrade (an employee, a job, etc.) while freezing the rate of pay; to freeze (the salary) of an employee whose job has been downgraded.

Arctic Circle US English

The parallel of latitude 66° 33ʹ north of the equator. It marks the northernmost point at which the sun is visible on the northern winter solstice and the southernmost point at which the midnight sun can be seen on the northern summer solstice

circle change US English

A slow pitch used as a changeup, in which a pitcher bends the forefinger into the thumb before throwing the ball from the palm.

circle dance US English

A country dance or folk dance, typically following a traditional set of steps, in which dancers form a circle

circle graph US English

Another term for pie chart.

colour circle US English

A disc that has segments of different colours arranged around the circumference, used in art, interior design, etc.

dress circle US English

The first level of seats above the ground floor in a theater

error circle US English

A circular area of sky with the same significance as an error box.

family circle US English

The members of a particular family, regarded as a group

great circle US English

A circle on the surface of a sphere that lies in a plane passing through the sphere’s center. As it represents the shortest distance between any two points on a sphere, a great circle of the earth is the preferred route taken by a ship or aircraft

green circle US English

(A symbol denoting) a ski run suitable for beginners.

inner circle US English

An exclusive group close to the center of power of an organization or movement, regarded as elitist and secretive

magic circle US English

A small group of people privileged to receive confidential information or make important decisions

major circle US English

Geometry a circle that encloses an ellipse and has a diameter coincident with its major axis.

Outer Circle US English

The road running round the perimeter of Regent's Park, London.

pitch circle US English

An imaginary circle concentric to a toothed wheel, along which the pitch of the teeth is measured

point-circle US English

A mathematical point regarded as an infinitesimally small circle, or as a degenerate form of a circle.

polar circle US English

Either of the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

prayer circle US English

A prayer group.

rescue circle US English

A seance held to contact a person who has died but whose spirit is not yet thought to have passed over into the spirit world.

small circle US English

A circle on the surface of a sphere whose plane does not pass through the sphere’s centre

stone circle US English

A megalithic monument of a type found mainly in western Europe, consisting of stones, typically standing stones, arranged more or less in a circle

tropic circle US English

Geography = sense A. 2a.

upper circle US English

The tier of seats in a theatre above the dress circle

Vienna Circle US English

A group of empiricist philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians active in Vienna from the 1920s until 1938, including Rudolf Carnap and Kurt Gödel. Their work laid the foundations of logical positivism

galactic circle US English

The central line or zone of the Milky Way across the sky; specifically = galactic equator.

literary circle US English

A particular group of people involved in writing or studying literature; (with the) the literary world.

magical circle US English

= magic circle.

meridian circle US English

A telescope mounted so as to move only on a north-south line, for observing the transit of celestial objects across the meridian

parquet circle US English

The part of the ground floor of a theatre or auditorium lying below the galleries at the back of the parquet; seats in this area.

quality circle US English

A group of employees that meets regularly to consider ways of resolving problems and improving production in their organization

quarter circle US English

The shape of a quarter of a circle; an arc describing a quarter of the circumference of a circle.

radical circle US English

The circle whose centre is the radical centre of three given circles and which intersects each circle orthogonally.

Ramsden circle US English

The exit pupil of a telescope or microscope; the circle of least diameter of the bundle of rays leaving the eyepiece.

Rowland circle US English

A circle on which the slit, (concave) diffraction grating, and detector of a spectrograph must all lie if all the spectral lines are to be brought to a focus on the detector.

striking circle US English

An elongated semicircle on a hockey field in front of the goal, from within which the ball must be hit in order to score

traffic circle US English

A road junction at which traffic moves in one direction around a central island

transit circle US English

Another term for meridian circle.

turning circle US English

The smallest circle in which a vehicle or vessel can turn without reversing

vertical circle US English

A great circle of the celestial sphere whose diameter runs from zenith to nadir

vicious circle US English

A sequence of reciprocal cause and effect in which two or more elements intensify and aggravate each other, leading inexorably to a worsening of the situation

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