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collection US English

The action or process of collecting someone or something

loan collection US English

A collection of works of art or other objects lent by various owners for an exhibition

retiring collection US English

A collectiion of donations from people as they leave an event, typically for a charity or to cover the expenses of performers or speakers at the event itself

collection US Thesaurus

a collection of stolen items

collection English-Spanish

recopilación feminine

retiring collection English-Spanish

colecta feminine

collection box in collection English-Spanish

alcancía feminineLatin America/América Latina, hucha feminineSpain/España

collection plate in collection English-Spanish

bandeja feminine, cepillo masculine

coin/butterfly collection in collection English-Spanish

colección de monedas/mariposas

a collection of oils in oil English-Spanish

una colección de óleos

a debt collection agency in collection English-Spanish

una agencia de cobro a morosos

the designer's winter collection in collection English-Spanish

la colección de invierno del modisto

his collection contains some real gems in gem English-Spanish

en su colección hay verdaderas joyas

children must wait for collection by their parents in collection English-Spanish

los niños deben esperar a que sus padres los recojan

the largest collection of stamps in the world in large English-Spanish

la mayor colección de sellos del mundo

the museum is renowned for its collection of … in renowned English-Spanish

el museo es famoso por su colección de …

we're looking for a permanent home for the collection in home English-Spanish

estamos buscando un lugar para albergar permanentemente la colección

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