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combat US English

Fighting between armed forces

combat US Thesaurus

he was killed in combat

combat boots US English

Boots of a type worn by soldiers in combat, typically black with laces and thick rubber soles

combat dress US English

Uniform of a type intended to be worn by soldiers in actual combat

combat jacket US English

A jacket of a type worn by soldiers in combat, typically having a camouflage pattern

combat knife US English

Any of various types of knife that are designed as weapons and sold or marketed as military issue; specifically a dagger-like knife with a long, thin, double-edged blade and a sharply pointed tip.

combat pants US English

= combat trousers.

single combat US English

Fighting between two people

combat fatigue US English

Psychological disturbance caused by prolonged exposure to active warfare, especially being under bombardment

combat trousers US English

Loose trousers with large patch pockets halfway down each leg, typically made of hard-wearing cotton

unarmed combat US English

A mode of combat in which weapons are not used

hors de combat US English

Out of action due to injury or damage

mortal US English

(Of a battle) fought to the death

hand-to-hand US English

(Of fighting) at close quarters

combat fatigues in combat fatigue US English

A uniform of a type to be worn into combat

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