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commercial US English

Concerned with or engaged in commerce

commercial US Thesaurus

a vessel built for commercial purposes

commercial art US English

Art used in advertising and selling

commercial bank US English

A bank that offers services to the general public and to companies

commercial bill US English

A bill of exchange issued by a commercial organization to raise money for short-term needs

commercial break US English

An interruption in the transmission of broadcast programming during which advertisements are broadcast

commercial paper US English

Short-term unsecured promissory notes issued by companies

commercial vehicle US English

A vehicle used for carrying goods or fare-paying passengers

commercial traveler US English

A traveling sales representative

Uniform Commercial Code US English

The body of laws governing commercial transactions in the US

uncommercial US English

Not making, intended to make, or allowing a profit

noncommercial US English

Not having a commercial objective; not intended to make a profit

commercial space in space US English

An area rented or sold as business premises