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commercial US English

Concerned with or engaged in commerce

commercial US Thesaurus

a vessel built for commercial purposes

commercial A US English

The symbol @, so called from its use in calculating prices (as ‘four apples at ——’).

commercial at US English

= commercial A.

commercial art US English

Art used in advertising and selling

commercial bank US English

A bank that offers services to the general public and to companies

commercial bill US English

A bill of exchange issued by a commercial organization to raise money for short-term needs

commercial banker US English

A person engaged in commercial banking.

commercial banking US English

The business of providing banking services (such as the receipt of deposits and the administration of current accounts, loans, etc.), especially to major corporations and institutions.

commercial break US English

An interruption in the transmission of broadcast programming during which advertisements are broadcast

commercial paper US English

Short-term unsecured promissory notes issued by companies

commercial vehicle US English

A vehicle used for carrying goods or fare-paying passengers

commercial traveler US English

A traveling sales representative

Euro-commercial paper US English

Commercial paper issued in a eurocurrency.

Uniform Commercial Code US English

The body of laws governing commercial transactions in the US

uncommercial US English

Not making, intended to make, or allowing a profit

noncommercial US English

Not having a commercial objective; not intended to make a profit

commercial space in space US English

An area rented or sold as business premises