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competent US English

Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully

omnicompetent US English

Able to deal with all matters

competent US Thesaurus

a competent carpenter

competent English-Spanish

competente, capaz

I'm not competent to judge in competent English-Spanish

no estoy capacitado para juzgar

how's her German? — quite competent in competent English-Spanish

¿qué tal habla alemán? — bastante bien

she gave a competent display of horsemanship in display English-Spanish

demostró que era una competente amazona

it's competent work, but you're capable of better in capable English-Spanish

es un buen trabajo, pero eres capaz de hacerlo mejor

he's competent in his work/as an instructor in competent English-Spanish

es competente en su trabajo/como instructor

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