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conversion US English

The act or an instance of converting or the process of being converted

conversion US Thesaurus

the conversion of waste into energy

conversion van US English

A van in which the cargo space has been converted to a special purpose, such as a living space

gene conversion US English

The process whereby, during meiosis, one allele in a heterozygote is converted to the other by a process of mismatch repair

loft conversion US English

A space under the roof of a house that has been adapted into a living area, typically a bedroom

conversion factor US English

An arithmetical multiplier for converting a quantity expressed in one set of units into an equivalent expressed in another

internal conversion US English

Physics the conversion of energy from one form to another within a particular system; especially (in later use) a process in which the energy of a gamma-ray photon emitted by a decaying nucleus is given up to an orbital electron, causing the electron to be emitted from the atom.

Damascene US English

Used in reference to an important moment of insight, typically one that leads to a dramatic transformation of attitude or belief

conversion per accidens in per accidens US English

Logic. Of a conversion: by which the quantity of the proposition is changed from universal to particular. Frequently in conversion per accidens (also called conversion by limitation), opposed to simple conversion.