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correction US English

The action or process of correcting something

auto-correction US English

The fact or process of a physical condition, disorder, etc., correcting itself naturally; the correction of a condition or disorder without surgery or drugs. Now rare.

author's correction US English

A correction, especially an amendment to a proof, made by an author to his or her own work; usually in plural.

colour correction US English

Optics correction of chromatic aberration in a lens; compare correction.

correction fluid US English

An opaque liquid painted over a typed or written error so as to leave a blank space for the insertion of the correct character

correction officer US English

= prison officer.

error correction US English

The automatic correction of errors that arise from the incorrect transmission of digital data

press-correction US English

A correction made to a text during preparation for publication.

Rydberg correction US English

A correction term in the equation giving the energy of the single electron in the outermost shell of hydrogen-like atoms, arising because the inner shells do not completely screen the electron from the nucleus; a correction made to the Rydberg formula in order to allow for the finite mass of the nucleus.

Yates's correction US English

A correction for the discreteness of the data that is made in the chi-square test when the number of cases in any class is small and there is one degree of freedom

keystone correction US English

A method of compensating for the keystone effect; the functionality for making such compensations.

house of correction US English

An institution for the short-term confinement of minor offenders

mid-course correction in mid-course US English

US. In extended use. Made, carried out, or performed during a course, project, campaign, etc.; frequently in mid-course correction.