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crash1 US English

(Of a vehicle) collide violently with an obstacle or another vehicle

crash2 US English

A coarse plain linen, woolen, or cotton fabric, used for curtains and towels

crash US Thesaurus

the car crashed into a tree

car crash US English

An instance of a car colliding with another vehicle or with an object

crash mat US English

A thick padded mat used to cushion a landing or fall in sports or the performance of stunts

crash pad US English

A place to sleep, especially for a single night or in an emergency

crash cart US English

(In a hospital) a wheeled container carrying medicine and equipment for use in emergency resuscitations

crash diet US English

A weight-loss diet undertaken with the aim of achieving very rapid results

crash-dive US English

(Of a submarine) dive rapidly and steeply to a deeper level in an emergency

crash-land US English

(Of an aircraft) land roughly in an emergency, typically without lowering the landing gear

crash team US English

(In a hospital) a team of medical practitioners that stand by to resuscitate patients who have suffered cardiac or respiratory failure

crash-test US English

Deliberately crash (a new vehicle) under controlled conditions in order to evaluate and improve its ability to withstand impact

flash crash US English

An extremely rapid decline in the price of one or more commodities or securities, typically one caused by automated trading

crash barrier US English

A strong fence at the side of a road or in the middle of a dual carriageway or motorway, intended to reduce the risk of serious accidents

crash helmet US English

A helmet worn by a motorcyclist or a race car driver to protect the head in case of a crash

crash and burn US English

Come to grief or fail spectacularly

Wall Street Crash US English

The collapse of prices on the New York Stock Exchange in October 1929, a major factor in the early stages of the Depression

crashworthy US English

(Of a vehicle or an aircraft) relatively well able to withstand a crash

gatecrash US English

Enter (a party or other gathering) without an invitation or ticket

crash and burn in crash1 US English

Come to grief or fail spectacularly