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crime US English

An action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law

crime US Thesaurus

kidnapping is a very serious crime

e-crime US English

Another term for cybercrime.

car crime US English

A crime involving a motor vehicle, especially a theft of or from a car.

crime lab US English

A facility in a police department for the analysis of forensic evidence.

gun crime US English

Criminal offenses committed with the use of a firearm

sex crime US English

A crime involving sexual assault or having a sexual motive

war crime US English

An action carried out during the conduct of a war that violates accepted international rules of war

crime boss US English

A head of a criminal organization.

crime-free US English

Not affected by or involvng illegal activities

crime gang US English

= crime syndicate.

crime lord US English

A head of a criminal organization.

crime novel US English

A novel that has crime as its central theme.

crime rate US English

A tax levied to support the criminal justice system (obsolete rare).

crime scene US English

The place where an offense has been committed and forensic evidence may be gathered

crime sheet US English

A form on which police record details of a reported crime

crime spree US English

A period of sustained criminal activity, now especially as carried out by a single criminal or criminal gang.

crime watch US English

An intensive survey of crime in a particular area.

crime wave US English

A sudden increase in the number of crimes committed in a country or area

faith crime US English

A crime, typically one involving violence, motivated by prejudice against a particular religion

hate crime US English

A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence

knife crime US English

Criminal offenses committed using a knife as a weapon

crime-busting US English

That reduces, prevents, or investigates crime.

crime family US English

An organized crime syndicate controlled by and centred around a specific family.

crime fiction US English

Fiction that has crime as its central theme.

crime figure US English

(In plural) statistics concerning crime, especially the incidence, type, etc., of criminal activity in a particular area.

crime hotspot US English

An area with a particularly high incidence of crime.

crime-ridden US English

(Of a place) having a high incidence of criminal activity

crime victim US English

A victim of a crime.

crime writer US English

A writer of detective stories or thrillers

crime writing US English

Writing that has crime as its theme.

perfect crime US English

A crime so ingeniously contrived and carefully executed that it cannot be detected or solved

street crime US English

(Usually in plural) a crime such as robbery, assault, etc., committed on the streets.

computer crime US English

Crime involving illegal access to or manipulation of electronic data; an instance of this.

crime detection US English

The process of uncovering criminal activity (or verifying reported crime) and acquiring evidence in order to identify and prosecute its perpetrators.

crime-fighting US English

The action of working to reduce the incidence of crime

crime novelist US English

A writer of crime novels.

crime reporter US English

A journalist who reports on crimes and criminal trials.

crime syndicate US English

A large (closely or loosely) affiliated group of gangsters or criminals involved in organized crime.

economic crime US English

A grave mistake or act of negligence in the management of an economy; a financial or economic outrage.

organized crime US English

Criminal activities that are planned and controlled by powerful groups and carried out on a large scale

crime investigator US English

A person who investigates crimes; specifically a detective, or a crime scene investigator.

crime laboratory US English

A laboratory where crime and criminal activity is studied; specifically = crime lab.

crime passionnel US English

A crime, typically a murder, committed in a fit of sexual jealousy

crime prevention US English

The adoption of measures intended to reduce or inhibit criminal activity, especially by implementing programmes to deter potential offenders or to enhance the security of potential targets.

crime statistics US English

Statistics concerning the incidence, type, etc., of crime in a particular area; (now also in singular) a victim of crime.

scene-of-crime US English

Relating to or denoting a civilian branch of the police force concerned with the collection of forensic evidence

victimless crime US English

A legal offense to which all parties consent and no party is injured

white-collar crime US English

A crime, especially a non-violent, financial crime, committed by a white-collar worker, typically involving the abuse of his or her professional status or expertise; (as a mass noun) crime of this type.

crime investigation US English

The investigation of crimes, detective work.

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