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crisis US English

A time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger

crisis US Thesaurus

the situation had reached a crisis

oil crisis US English

A crisis associated with the oil industry; specifically the world economic crisis of 1973–4 precipitated by large increases in crude oil prices, together with production cuts and export embargoes, by the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries.

Suez crisis US English

A short conflict following the nationalization of the Suez Canal by President Nasser of Egypt in 1956. Britain and France made a military alliance with Israel to regain control of the canal, but international criticism forced the withdrawal of forces

credit crisis US English

A sudden sharp reduction in the availability of money or credit from banks and other lenders.

crisis center US English

A facility, telephone answering system, etc., where individuals going through personal crises can obtain help or advice

identity crisis US English

A period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society

midlife crisis US English

An emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age

October crisis US English

A period of political unrest in October 1970 in which the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) engaged in a series of terrorist activities, to which the Canadian government responded with the mobilization of armed troops under the War Measures Act.

scissors crisis US English

A period of economic instability in the Soviet Union from 1922–4 in which industrial and agricultural prices diverged drastically, resulting in a reluctance on the part of agricultural workers to sell their produce; (in extended use) any period of economic instability caused by a disparity in prices.

abdication crisis US English

The constitutional crisis which culminated in the abdication of Edward VIII from the throne of the United Kingdom in 1936, as a result of his determination to marry Wallis Simpson, an American woman who had divorced her first husband and was about to divorce her second.

Addisonian crisis US English

Acute insufficiency of corticosteroid secretion, seen especially in patients with Addison's (or other adrenal) disease, and manifested by hypotension and shock; an instance of this.

crisis management US English

The process by which a business or other organization deals with a sudden emergency situation

oculogyric crisis US English

Involuntary contraction of the ocular muscles resulting in fixation of the eyes in an extreme (typically upward-looking) position, persisting for seconds to hours; an instance of this.

rape crisis centre US English

An agency offering advice and support to victims of violent sexual crime

Cuban Missile Crisis US English

An international crisis in October 1962, the closest approach to nuclear war at any time between the US and the Soviet Union. When the US discovered Soviet nuclear missiles on Cuba, President John F. Kennedy demanded their removal and announced a naval blockade of the island; the Soviet leader Khrushchev acceded to the US demands a week later

maraboutic crisis in maraboutic US English

Characteristic of or resembling a marabout; of or relating to the veneration of marabouts.