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crook US English

The hooked staff of a shepherd

Crook, George US English

(1829–90), US army officer. He served during the Civil War and then fought against Indians in the northwest. He was defeated by Crazy Horse in 1876 but went on to fight against the Apaches under Geronimo 1882–85

shepherd's crook US English

A staff with a hook at one end used by shepherds

by hook or by crook in hook US English

By any possible means

by hook or by crook US English

By any possible means

cybercrook US English

A person who commits criminal activities by means of computers or the Internet; a cybercriminal

crook US Thesaurus

a small-time crook

crook English-Spanish

sinvergüenza mf, pillo,

by hook or by crook in hook English-Spanish

sea como sea, por las buenas o por las malas

to go crook at o on sb in crook English-Spanish

ponerse* hecho basilisco

she's only got to crook her (little) finger for him to come running in crook English-Spanish

no tiene más que mover un dedo para que él venga corriendo

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