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crystal US English

A piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces

crystal set US English

A simple early form of radio receiver with a crystal touching a metal wire as the rectifier (instead of a tube or transistor), and no amplifier or loudspeaker, necessitating headphones or an earphone

crystal clear US English

Completely transparent and unclouded

crystal axis US English

Each of three axes used to define the edges of the unit cell of a crystal

crystal ball US English

A solid globe of glass or rock crystal, used by fortune-tellers and clairvoyants for crystal-gazing

crystal class US English

Each of thirty-two categories of crystals classified according to the possible combinations of symmetry elements possessed by the crystal lattice

crystal clock US English

A clock encased in or decorated with crystal glass.

crystal diode US English

A semiconductor diode, especially one comprising a semiconductor crystal with which a thin metal wire is in point contact; also called crystal rectifier.

crystal field US English

The symmetrical electrostatic field which is produced by the atoms surrounding a central metal atom or ion in a crystal lattice and which acts on that atom or ion.

crystal form US English

A set of crystal faces defined according to their relationship to the crystal axes

crystal-gaze US English

To stare intently into a crystal ball (or another translucent medium) in order to see images representing distant events, typically ones believed to be taking place in the future.

crystal gazer US English

A person who looks intently into a crystal ball with the aim of seeing images relating to future or distant events

crystal globe US English

A solid sphere of polished crystal; especially one used for divining the future, etc.; a crystal ball.

crystal habit US English

A characteristic form adopted by crystals of a mineral or other substance; the shape and other external characteristics of a crystal.

crystal meth US English

Crystal methamphetamine (the drug methamphetamine in a powdered crystalline form)

crystal mine US English

A mine from which crystal, especially rock crystal, is obtained.

crystal seer US English

= crystal gazer.

lead crystal US English

Another term for lead glass.

mixed crystal US English

A crystal formed from more than one substance

rock crystal US English

Transparent quartz, typically in the form of colorless hexagonal crystals

crystal cutter US English

A person who cuts, shapes, or ornaments crystal.

crystal-gazing US English

Looking intently into a crystal ball with the aim of seeing images relating to future or distant events

crystal healing US English

The use of the healing powers of crystals in alternative medicine

crystal lattice US English

The symmetrical three-dimensional arrangement of atoms inside a crystal

Crystal Palace US English

A large building of prefabricated iron and glass resembling a giant greenhouse, designed by Joseph Paxton for the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park, London, and re-erected at Sydenham near Croydon; it was accidentally burned down in 1936

crystal physics US English

The branch of physics concerned with the properties of crystalline substances.

crystal pulling US English

A method of obtaining pure single crystals by inserting a seed crystal in the molten substance and gradually withdrawing it.

crystal seeing US English

= crystal-gazing.

crystal system US English

Each of seven categories of crystals (cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, trigonal, hexagonal, monoclinic, and triclinic) classified according to the possible relations of the crystal axes

crystal violet US English

A synthetic violet dye, related to rosaniline, used as a stain in microscopy and as an antiseptic in the treatment of skin infections

crystal-vision US English

A vision, especially as seen whilst gazing into a crystal ball or another translucent medium.

Iceland crystal US English

= Iceland spar.

liquid crystal US English

A substance that flows like a liquid but has some degree of ordering in the arrangement of its molecules

plastic crystal US English

A soft substance in which the molecules occupy the points of a regular crystal lattice but have freedom of rotation about those points.

quartz crystal US English

Quartz in crystalline form, rock crystal; a piece or single crystal of this, (later especially) one used in a clock or other device.

rainbow crystal US English

An iridescent variety of rock crystal.

crystal chemistry US English

The branch of chemistry concerned with the relationship between chemical composition and the structure and other properties of crystalline substances; the properties of a substance in regard to this.

crystal-controlled US English

(Especially of an oscillator) having a frequency determined by a piezoelectric crystal.

crystal detector US English

One that employs a crystal diode to rectify a high-frequency current, or to produce an audio signal from a radio signal.

crystal microphone US English

A microphone which depends for its action on the piezoelectric activity of a crystalline substance.

crystal oscillator US English

An oscillator whose frequency is determined by a piezoelectric crystal.

crystal receiver US English

A receiver of any kind (especially a vessel or container) that is made of crystal.

crystal rectifier US English

A crystal diode used as a rectifier.

crystal structure US English

A crystalline structure; the structure of crystals; especially the ordered symmetrical arrangement of atoms within a crystalline solid.

mountain crystal US English

Quartz; a quartz crystal.

negative crystal US English

Optics a crystal in which the index of refraction is greater for the ordinary than the extraordinary ray.

photonic crystal US English

A synthetic crystal that can manipulate or be sensitized to respond to specific wavelengths of light. Its development suggests the possibility of increased miniaturization and efficiency of computing components and other technologies

crystal field theory US English

A theoretical model based on the interaction of a central metal atom or ion with the crystal field, used to describe the electronic structure of solid inorganic complexes.

crystal methamphetamine US English

The drug methamphetamine in a powdered crystalline form, used illegally as a stimulant

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