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cuesta US English

A ridge with a gentle slope (dip) on one side and a steep slope (scarp) on the other

cuesta Spanish-English

íbamos cuesta arriba

la cuesta de enero in cuesta Spanish-English

Januarywhen people are traditionally short of money

cuesta, pero uno se va acostumbrando in costar Spanish-English

it's not easy, but you get used to it

cuesta tres veces más in más Spanish-English

it costs three times as much

probar no cuesta nada in probar Spanish-English

there's no harm in trying

¿qué te cuesta invitarla? in costar Spanish-English

go on, why don't you invite her?

¿cuánto cuesta la entrada? in entrada Spanish-English

how much is it to get in?, how much are the tickets?

cuesta tres veces menos in menos Spanish-English

it costs a third of the price

¿cuánto cuesta la consulta? in consulta Spanish-English

how much does the consultation cost?

le cuesta mucho la física in costar Spanish-English

he finds physics very difficult

¿cuánto cuesta la ida sola? in ida Spanish-English

how much is a one-way, how much does it cost one way?

me cuesta sesenta euros anuales in anual Spanish-English

it costs me sixty euros a year

no cuesta abajo de un millón in abajo Spanish-English

it costs at least a million

solo cuesta $200 — ¡casi nada! in casi Spanish-English

it only costs $200 — is that all?

¿tanto te cuesta pedir perdón? in costar Spanish-English

is it really so hard for you to say sorry?

dejé el coche en la cuesta in cuesta Spanish-English

I left the car on the hill/slope

venía jadeante por la cuesta in jadeante Spanish-English

he came up the hill (puffing and) panting

hacérsele muy cuesta arriba a algn in cuesta Spanish-English

I find it very difficult to work in this heat, it's an uphill struggle working in this heat

¿cuánto cuesta el paquete de diez? in el Spanish-English

how much does a packet of ten cost?

le cuesta familiarizar con el clima in familiarizar Spanish-English

he finds it hard to get used to the climate

(el) hablar bien no cuesta dinero in hablar Spanish-English

being polite never hurt anybody

te cuesta tranquilo unas 2,000 libras in tranquilo Spanish-English

it costs 2,000 pounds easily, it costs a good 2,000 pounds

¿cuánto cuesta el metro de esta tela? in metro Spanish-English

how much is this material per meter?

el terreno cuesta tanto como la casa in terreno Spanish-English

the land costs as much as the house

me cuesta 45 minutos llegar a la oficina in costar Spanish-English

it takes me 45 minutes to get to the office

iba corriendo cuesta abajo y no pude parar in cuesta Spanish-English

I was running downhill and couldn't stop

me cuesta seguir una conversación en francés in seguir Spanish-English

I find it hard to follow a conversation in French

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