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curb US English

A stone or concrete edging to a street or path

curb US Thesaurus

a curb on public spending

curb roof US English

Another term for gambrel.

well-curb US English

A frame or masonry border round the mouth of a well.

curb appeal US English

The attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street

curb chain US English

A small chain which is attached to a curb bit and lies in the groove on a horse’s chin

curb market US English

A market for selling shares not dealt with on the normal stock exchange

curb weight US English

The weight of an automobile without occupants or baggage

curb service US English

Service, especially at a restaurant, extended to customers remaining in their parked vehicles

kick someone/something to the curb US English

Reject someone or something

curb bit in curb US English

A type of bit that is widely used in western riding. In English riding it is usually only used with a snaffle as part of a double bridle

well kerb US English

= well-curb.

curbstone US English

A long, narrow stone or concrete block, laid end to end with others to form a curb

dropped kerb US English

A small ramp built into the kerb of a pavement to make it easier for people using pushchairs or wheelchairs to pass from the pavement to the road

kerb drill US English

A set of precautions, especially looking to right and left, taken before crossing the road and typically taught to children

kerb market US English

A market for selling shares not dealt with on the normal stock exchange, or for dealing after hours

kerb weight US English

The weight of a car without occupants or baggage

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