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dialect US English

A particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group

dialect US Thesaurus

the island dialect was influenced by the Spanish in the sixteenth century

eye dialect US English

(The use of) nonstandard respelling (sometimes for comic effect) to represent dialectal or colloquial pronunciation (as Aw knaow for standard I know), or standard pronunciation not predictable from regular orthography (as enuff for standard enough).

dialect atlas US English

A collection of maps showing the geographical variations in speech forms across a particular region.

group dialect US English

A form or variety of language used by the members of a particular social group; frequently contrasted with regional dialect.

Ionic dialect US English

The ancient Greek dialect of the Ionians, from which Attic developed; = sense B. 2.

social dialect US English

(Originally) a language or language variety used in social situations; (now chiefly Linguistics) a language variety used by a particular social group or class.

dialect geographer US English

An expert in, or student of, the geographical variation of language forms.

dialect geography US English

The geographical variation of language forms; the study of this.

dialect-geographical US English

Of or relating to the geographical variation of language forms.