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discharge US English

Tell (someone) officially that they can or must leave, in particular

discharge US Thesaurus

after his third violation, Vance was discharged

gas discharge US English

A flow of electricity through a gas, typically accompanied by emission of light; a body of gas in which this is occurring.

brush discharge US English

A broad electrical discharge from a conductor occurring when the potential difference is high but not sufficient for a spark or arc

discharge lamp US English

A lamp in which the light is produced by a discharge tube

discharge tube US English

A tube containing charged electrodes and filled with a gas in which ionization is induced by an electric field. The gas molecules emit light as they return to the ground state

glow discharge US English

A luminous sparkless electrical discharge from a pointed conductor in a gas at low pressure

point discharge US English

An electrical discharge in which current flows between an earthed pointed object and another at a different potential, or surrounding gas.

absolute discharge US English

Originally: a full release or exemption from something due, especially from a debt. Now: specifically the full discharge of a person from bankrupt status.

electric discharge US English

A passage of electricity, especially through gas or vapour.

general discharge US English

A comprehensive discharge from an obligation or liability, especially from a debt; (now) specifically (chiefly US) the comprehensive discharge of a person from bankrupt status.

military discharge US English

Release or dismissal from military service; an instance of this.

static discharge US English

An electrical discharge following an accumulation of static electricity.

Townsend discharge US English

A non-luminous, low-current discharge in a gas in which free electrons are multiplied through the avalanche effect in an applied electric field, giving rise to electrical conductivity.

conditional discharge US English

An order made by a criminal court whereby an offender will not be sentenced for an offence unless a further offence is committed within a stated period

constructive discharge US English

= constructive dismissal.

dishonorable discharge US English

The dismissal of someone from the armed forces as a result of criminal or morally unacceptable actions

gas discharge tube US English

A gas-filled lamp or tube in which an electric discharge can be produced between two electrodes.

honorable discharge US English

Discharge from military service with a favorable record

retaliatory discharge US English

(An instance of) dismissal from employment in retaliation for actions which are protected by law, such as reporting an employer's unlawful conduct or refusing an employer's request to commit an unlawful act.

bad conduct discharge US English

A type of punitive dismissal from military service, imposed by a court martial.

corona discharge in corona1 US English

The glow around a conductor at high potential