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dive US English

Plunge head first into water

dive US Thesaurus

they dived into the clear water

dive in US English

Help oneself to food

dive into US English

Occupy oneself suddenly and enthusiastically with (a meal, or an engrossing subject or activity)

dive-bomb US English

Bomb (a target) while diving steeply downward in an aircraft

duck-dive US English

Dive head first under the water while swimming

swan dive US English

A dive performed with one’s arms outspread until close to the water

crash-dive US English

(Of a submarine) dive rapidly and steeply to a deeper level in an emergency

power dive US English

A steep dive of an aircraft with the engines providing thrust

swallow dive US English

British term for swan dive.

take a dive US English

Pretend to be knocked out

dive bar in dive US English

A shabby or sleazy bar or similar establishment

nosedive US English

A steep downward plunge by an aircraft

cannonball dive in cannonball US English

A jump into water performed upright with the knees clasped to the chest

take a dive in dive US English

Pretend to be knocked out