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dock1 US English

A structure extending alongshore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats may be moored

dock2 US English

Deduct (something, especially an amount of money)

dock3 US English

The enclosure in a criminal court where a defendant is placed

dock4 US English

A coarse weed of temperate regions, with inconspicuous greenish or reddish flowers. The leaves are popularly used to relieve nettle stings

dock1 US Thesaurus

his boat was moored at the dock

dock2 US Thesaurus

they docked the money from his salary

dry dock US English

A dock that can be drained of water to allow the inspection and repair of a ship’s hull

wet dock US English

A dock in which water is maintained at a level that keeps a vessel afloat

dock brief US English

A brief given directly to a barrister selected from a panel of those present by a prisoner in the dock, without the agency of a solicitor

scene dock US English

A space in a theatre near the stage in which scenery is stored

floating dock US English

A submersible floating structure used as a dry dock

graving dock US English

Another term for dry dock.

loading dock in dock1 US English

A platform for loading or unloading trucks or freight trains

dockworker US English

A person employed in a port to load and unload ships; a longshoreman