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drop US English

Let or make (something) fall vertically

the drop in drop US English

The playing of a high card underneath an opponent’s higher card, because it is the only card in its suit held in the hand

die like flies US English

Die or collapse in large numbers

fall to one's knees US English

Assume a kneeling position

fall into someone's lap US English

(Of something unexpected) come someone’s way without any effort having been made

go down like ninepins US English

Succumb in large numbers or without much opposition

drop US Thesaurus

Eric dropped the box

drop-in US English

Visited on an informal basis without booking or appointments

acid drop US English

A kind of boiled sweet with a sharp taste

act drop US English

A painted curtain or piece of scenery which is lowered between acts.

ague drop US English

A liquid medicinal preparation containing arsenic, used as a remedy for ague; usually in plural.

body drop US English

A throw in which an opponent is made to fall over an extended leg.

coal drop US English

A piece of machinery used to lower a coal wagon from a wharf to the level of a hatchway on a ship so that the coal may be deposited directly into the hold. Now chiefly historical.

drop dead US English

Die suddenly and unexpectedly

drop-dead US English

Used to emphasize how attractive someone or something is

drop into US English

Call casually and informally at (a place)

drop off US English

Fall asleep easily, especially without intending to

drop-off US English

A decline or decrease

drop out US English

Cease to participate in a race or competition

drop box US English

(In weaving) a box situated on either side of the race plate of the loom that is designed to hold shuttles and to bring bobbins of colored thread in line as desired

drop-down US English

Dropping down or unfolding when required

drop goal US English

A goal scored in open play by drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar, scoring three points (rugby union) or one point (rugby league)

drop kick US English

(Formerly, in football) a kick made by dropping the ball and kicking after it touches the ground

drop leaf US English

A hinged table leaf

drop punt US English

A kick in which the ball is held vertically and dropped on to the foot

drop safe US English

A safe built into a floor for extra security.

drop-ship US English

Move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels

drop shot US English

(Chiefly in tennis or squash) a softly hit shot, usually with backspin, which drops abruptly to the ground

drop tank US English

An external fuel tank on an aircraft that can be jettisoned when empty

drop test US English

A test of the strength of an object, in which it is dropped under standard conditions or a set weight is dropped on it from a given height

drop zone US English

A designated area into which troops or supplies are dropped by parachute or in which skydivers land

eye drop US English

(In plural) a soothing or medicinal solution applied to the eye in drops.

food drop US English

A delivery of food supplies by parachute or aircraft, usually as a form of aid.

free drop US English

An unbroken fall, without impediment or drag; = free fall.

hand-drop US English

= wrist-drop.

head drop US English

(More generally) drooping of the head towards the chest, especially as a result of dysfunction of the neck muscles; an instance of this.

key drop US English

(Especially in a hotel) a secure box in which keys can be deposited in the absence of a member of staff.

lamb drop US English

The total number of lambs born in a particular season

long drop US English

A pit toilet

mail drop US English

A receptacle for mail, especially one in which mail is kept until the addressee collects it

mic drop US English

An instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive

milk drop US English

A small delicate grey or white toadstool of leaf litter, Mycena galopus, which yields a latex when broken.

mint drop US English

A cake or sweet flavoured with peppermint; = peppermint drop.

oil-drop US English

A drop of oil or lipid.

one-drop1 US English

A type of drum rhythm used in reggae music, with strong emphasis on the third beat rather than the expected first and third in a bar of four beats; (also) music featuring this type of rhythm. Chiefly attributive: designating such a rhythm or type of music.

one-drop2 US English

Attributive Designating an ideology in which a person is regarded as black if he or she has even the smallest degree of black African ancestry. Frequently in one-drop rule, one-drop theory.

pear drop US English

A small boiled sweet in the shape of a pear, with a pungently sweet flavour

pin-drop US English

Of silence: absolute, total. Of a pause, etc.: absolutely silent or clear.

pro-drop US English

Designating a parameter or feature of certain languages whereby subject pronouns are usually omitted; designating or relating to a language of this type.

rose drop US English

A type of rose-flavoured lozenge or sweet.

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