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dry US English

Free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist

dry US Thesaurus

the dry desert

dry up US English

Cease talking

air-dry US English

Make or become dry through contact with unheated air

big dry US English

The dry season in any part of Australia

dry out US English

(Of an alcoholic) abstain from alcoholic drink, especially as part of a detoxification program

dry eye US English

Inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye, due to inadequate tear secretion

dry fly US English

An artificial fishing fly that is made to float lightly on the water

dry-fry US English

Fry (food) in a pan without fat or oil

dry ice US English

Solid carbon dioxide

dry mop US English

Another term for dust mop.

dry rot US English

Fungal timber decay occurring in poorly ventilated conditions in buildings, resulting in cracking and powdering of the wood

dry run US English

A rehearsal of a performance or procedure before the real one

dry-ski US English

Denoting or relating to skiing on an artificial surface

off-dry US English

(Of wine) having a nearly dry flavor, with just a trace of sweetness

run dry US English

(Of a well or river) cease to flow or have any water

sun-dry US English

Dry (something, especially food) in the sun, as opposed to using artificial heat

blow-dry US English

Arrange (the hair) into a particular style while drying it with a handheld dryer

bone-dry US English

Extremely or completely dry

damp-dry US English

Dry (something) until it is only damp

drip-dry US English

(Of a fabric or garment) capable of drying without creasing when hung up after washing

dry bible US English

A condition of cattle in drought-affected areas, in which the dried-out folds of the stomach resemble the pages of a book

dry bulb US English

An ordinary exposed thermometer bulb, especially as used in conjunction with a wet bulb

dry cell US English

An electric cell in which the electrolyte is absorbed in a solid to form a paste, preventing spillage

dry-clean US English

Clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water

dry cough US English

A cough not accompanied by phlegm production

dry-cure US English

Another term for dry-salt.

dry dock US English

A dock that can be drained of water to allow the inspection and repair of a ship’s hull

dry-eyed US English

(Of a person) not crying

dry goods US English

Fabric, thread, clothing, and related merchandise, especially as distinct from hardware and groceries

dry-heave US English

Experience the reflex of vomiting; retch

dry hole US English

A well drilled for oil or gas but yielding none

dry hump US English

Simulate or unsuccessfully attempt sexual intercourse with (someone or something), usually while fully dressed

dry land US English

Land as opposed to the sea or another body of water

dry lease US English

An arrangement covering the hire of an aircraft which does not include provision of a flight crew

dry milk US English

Milk that has been preserved by evaporation and reduction to powder

dry nurse US English

A woman who looks after a baby but does not breastfeed it

dry plate US English

A glass plate coated with a light-sensitive gelatin-based emulsion, used formerly as an improvement on the earlier wet plate

dry point US English

A steel needle for engraving on a bare copper plate without acid

dry-salt US English

Cure (meat or fish) with salt rather than in liquid

dry shave US English

A shave without shaving foam, typically one using an electric razor

dry-shod US English

Without wetting one’s shoes

dry sink US English

An antique kitchen cabinet with an inset basin, now generally used as an ornament rather than for practical purposes

dry slope US English

An artificial ski slope used for practice and training

dry wash US English

The dry bed of an intermittent stream

dry well US English

A shaft or chamber constructed in the ground in order to aid drainage, sometimes containing pumping equipment

kiln-dry US English

Dry (a material such as wood or sand) in a kiln

oven-dry US English

Specifically dried in an oven until all moisture has been driven off and the weight is constant.

rough-dry US English

Dry (something) roughly or imperfectly

smoke-dry US English

Cure (meat or fish) by exposing it to smoke

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