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dun1 US English

Of a dull grayish-brown color

dun2 US English

Make persistent demands on (someone), especially for payment of a debt

dun3 US English

A stone-built fortified settlement in Scotland or Ireland, of a kind built from the late Iron Age to the early Middle Ages. The word is a frequent place-name element in Scotland and Ireland

dun1 US Thesaurus

a dun cow

dun2 US Thesaurus

you can't dun me for her debts

dun-bar US English

A variable European moth with darker lines and bands on the wings, found in wooded districts

Dehra Dun US English

A city in northern India, the capital of Uttarakhand state; population 551,300 (est. 2009)

mouse-dun US English


olive dun US English

An olive, specifically Baetis rhodani; an artificial fly made in imitation of this.

Dun Laoghaire US English

A ferry port and resort town in the Republic of Ireland, near Dublin; population 114,166 (2006)