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eminence US English

Fame or recognized superiority, especially within a particular sphere or profession

eminence US Thesaurus

his eminence as a scientist

éminence grise US English

A person who exercises power or influence in a certain sphere without holding an official position

gray eminence US English

Another term for éminence grise.

median eminence US English

A slightly raised area of the tuber cinereum of the hypothalamus, at the base of the infundibulum.

olivary eminence US English

= olivary body.

parietal eminence US English

The most convex portion of the outer surface of the parietal bone.

His/Your Eminence in eminence US English

A title given to a Roman Catholic cardinal, or used in addressing him

preeminence US English

The fact of surpassing all others; superiority