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face US English

The front part of a person’s head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part in an animal

look someone in the eye US English

Look directly at someone without showing embarrassment, fear, or shame

spit in the eye of US English

Show contempt or scorn for

stare someone in the eye US English

Look fixedly or boldly at someone

face US Thesaurus

a beautiful face

en face US English

Facing forward

face up US English

With the face or surface turned upward to view

po-face US English

A face that is expressionless, impassive, humourless, or disapproving; a poker face.

ace-face US English

A leader of a group of mods; an exceptionally fashionable mod.

baby face US English

A smooth round face like a baby’s

body face US English

= body type.

club face US English

The side of the head of a golf club that strikes the ball

dog's face US English

A face like that of a dog (in early use as a term of abuse or reproach).

duck face US English

An exaggerated pouting expression in which the lips are thrust outward, typically made by a person posing for a photograph

face down US English

With the face or surface turned toward the ground

lose face US English

Suffer a loss of respect; be humiliated

save face US English

Retain respect; avoid humiliation

face off US English

Take up an attitude of confrontation, especially at the start of a fight or game

face-off US English

A direct confrontation between two people or groups

face bone US English

Any of the bones of the face; especially a cheekbone.

face bow US English

(In prosthetic dentistry) any of various devices, typically in the form of an adjustable metal frame extending between the temporomandibular joints, used to record the relationship of the teeth to the movement of the mandible.

face card US English

A playing card that is a king, queen, or jack of a suit

face cog US English

(More fully face cogwheel) a cog or tooth on the flat part of a wheel, parallel to the axle, rather than on the rim.

face cord US English

(As a measure of cut wood) a pile of wood eight feet long by four feet high by one piece deep.

face cut US English

The first thin piece of timber removed from a log when a straight face is cut along it.

face dyke US English

A wall having a vertical face, usually of stone or wood, on one side only, the other side being an earthen embankment.

face fly US English

The fly Musca autumnalis (family Muscidae), resembling the house fly, which gathers in large numbers on the faces of cattle and other livestock and feeds on secretions and open wounds; also called (especially British) autumn fly.

face-line US English

The alignment of the face of a structure, building, etc.

face-man US English

A miner who works at the face of a mine.

face mask US English

A protective mask covering the nose and mouth or nose and eyes

face pack US English

A cosmetic preparation spread over the face and left for some time to cleanse and improve the condition of the skin

face plan US English

The front elevation of a plan or drawing.

face-play US English

Facial movement; expression or interaction using this.

face time US English

Time spent in face-to-face contact with someone

face urn US English

An urn decorated with a face or faces.

face wall US English

The (or a) wall of a structure or building that faces out; specifically the front wall.

face wind US English

A wind blowing against or into the face.

fair-face US English

(Of brickwork) = fair-faced.

frog-face US English

A face like that of a frog; a person with such a face (frequently as a derogatory form of address).

full face US English

With all of the face visible; facing directly at someone or something

game face US English

A neutral or serious facial expression, as displayed by a sports player or gambler

hog's face US English

(As a term of abuse) a person considered to have a face or facial expression like that of a hog.

left face US English

(In military contexts) a command to turn 90 degrees to the left

long face US English

An unhappy or disappointed expression

moon-face US English

A moon-shaped face; a round full face. Also poetic: a face likened to the moon in beauty.

new face US English

A person one has not previously met, a stranger; a newcomer.

old-face US English

Designating or relating to any of various Roman typefaces characterized by oblique stress, bracketed serifs, little contrast between thick and thin strokes, and great variation in character widths.

pie-face US English

A round, flat face resembling a pie; a person with such a face, especially if appearing blank or expressionless; a stupid person.

play face US English

An expression seen in apes or monkeys at play, in which the mouth is open but the teeth are hidden.

pole face US English

Either of the two surfaces of a magnet where a pole appears to be located and where there is a high concentration of flux lines.

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