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face US English

The front part of a person’s head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part in an animal

face US Thesaurus

a beautiful face

look someone in the eye US English

Look directly at someone without showing embarrassment, fear, or shame

spit in the eye of US English

Show contempt or scorn for

stare someone in the eye US English

Look fixedly or boldly at someone

en face US English

Facing forward

face up US English

With the face or surface turned upward to view

baby face US English

A smooth round face like a baby’s

club face US English

The side of the head of a golf club that strikes the ball

duck face US English

An exaggerated pouting expression in which the lips are thrust outward, typically made by a person posing for a photograph

face down US English

With the face or surface turned toward the ground

lose face US English

Suffer a loss of respect; be humiliated

save face US English

Retain respect; avoid humiliation

face off US English

Take up an attitude of confrontation, especially at the start of a fight or game

face-off US English

A direct confrontation between two people or groups

face card US English

A playing card that is a king, queen, or jack of a suit

face mask US English

A protective mask covering the nose and mouth or nose and eyes

face pack US English

A cosmetic preparation spread over the face and left for some time to cleanse and improve the condition of the skin

face time US English

Time spent in face-to-face contact with someone

full face US English

With all of the face visible; facing directly at someone or something

game face US English

A neutral or serious facial expression, as displayed by a sports player or gambler

left face US English

(In military contexts) a command to turn 90 degrees to the left

long face US English

An unhappy or disappointed expression

rock face US English

A bare vertical surface of natural rock

face to face US English

With the people involved being close together and looking directly at each other

about-face US English

(Chiefly in military contexts) a turn made so as to face the opposite direction

to one's face US English

Openly in one’s presence

face amount US English

Another term for death benefit.

face cream US English

Cosmetic cream applied to the face to improve the complexion

face guard US English

A protective covering or mask for the face, worn especially when playing sports, working with hazardous substances, etc.

face paint US English

Bold-colored paint used to decorate the face

face powder US English

Flesh-tinted cosmetic powder used to improve the appearance of the face by reducing shine and concealing blemishes

face-saving US English

Preserving one’s reputation, credibility, or dignity

face value US English

The value printed or depicted on a coin, banknote, postage stamp, ticket, etc., especially when less than the actual or intrinsic value

false face US English

A mask, usually wooden, traditionally worn ceremonially by some North American Indian peoples to cure the sick

funny-face US English

An affectionate form of address

kissy-face US English

A puckering of the lips as if to kiss someone

poker face US English

An impassive expression that hides one’s true feelings

stone face US English

A face that reveals no emotions

volte-face US English

An act of turning around so as to face in the opposite direction

about-face US Thesaurus

he saluted and did an about-face

face-centered US English

Denoting a crystal structure in which there is an atom at each vertex and at the center of each face of the unit cell

face flannel US English

A facecloth

face validity US English

The degree to which a procedure, especially a psychological test or assessment, appears effective in terms of its stated aims

pudding face US English

A large chubby face

in one's face US English

Directly at or against one; as one approaches

loss of face US English

A loss of respect; humiliation

make a face US English

Produce an expression on one’s face that shows dislike, disgust, or some other negative emotion, or that is intended to be amusing

in-your-face US English

Blatantly aggressive or provocative; impossible to ignore or avoid

let's face it US English

Used to convey that one must be realistic about an unwelcome fact or situation

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