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fact US English

A thing that is indisputably the case

fact US Thesaurus

it is a fact that the water is polluted

in fact US English

Used to emphasize the truth of an assertion, especially one contrary to what might be expected or what has been asserted

fact file US English

A collection of information about a particular subject or product

fact-based US English

Based on or concerned with true events or experiences

fact-check US English

Investigate (an issue) in order to verify the facts

fact sheet US English

A sheet of paper giving useful information about a particular issue, especially one distributed for publicity purposes

social fact US English

A thing originating in the institutions or culture of a society that affects the behavior or attitudes of an individual member of that society

fact-finding US English

(Especially of a committee or its activity) having the purpose of discovering and establishing the facts of an issue

in actual fact US English

Used to emphasize a comment, typically one that modifies or contradicts a previous statement

issue of fact US English

A dispute in court in which the significance of a fact or facts is denied

matter of fact US English

Something that belongs to the sphere of fact as distinct from opinion or conjecture

matter-of-fact US Thesaurus

Desmond is too creative and fanciful to fit in with such matter-of-fact people

matter of fact New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

fact rather than opinion or conjecture

before the fact US English

Before (or after) the committing of a crime

a fact of life US English

Something that must be accepted as true and unchanging, even if it is unpleasant

question of fact US English

An issue to be decided by a jury

as a matter of fact US English

In reality (used especially to correct a falsehood or misunderstanding)

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