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faith US English

Complete trust or confidence in someone or something

pin one's hopes on US English

Rely heavily on

faith US Thesaurus

he justified his boss's faith in him

bad faith US English

Intent to deceive

break faith US English

Be disloyal (or loyal)

faith-based US English

Affiliated with or based on religion or a religious group

faith crime US English

A crime, typically one involving violence, motivated by prejudice against a particular religion

faith cure US English

An instance of faith healing; a cure attributed to the power of faith.

faith-curer US English

= faith healer.

faith fire US English

Faith imagined as a fire which produces light or heat, or which needs fuel or tending.

faith group US English

A group of people belonging to or representing a particular religious faith; the members of a particular faith considered collectively.

faith-state US English

The state of having (religious) faith.

faith value US English

A quality, value, etc., deriving from or founded on faith.

good faith US English

Honesty or sincerity of intention

Punic faith US English

Treachery, faithlessness; bad faith.

Easter faith US English

Christian faith in the Resurrection.

faith curist US English

= faith healer.

faith healing US English

Healing achieved by religious belief and prayer, rather than by medical treatment

faith ladder US English

A model of a step-by-step process by which an individual comes to (religious) faith.

faith school US English

A school intended for students of a particular religious faith

saving faith US English

= justifying faith.

act of faith US English

An act requiring or demonstrating (religious) faith.

faith community US English

A community of people of the same religion; specifically a group of people leading a communal life according to their religious faith.

historical faith US English

Faith based on historical evidence as opposed to personal or religious conviction.

justifying faith US English

(In Protestant theology) faith by which a sinner is alone justified, and which is an unmerited gift of God by grace​.

leap of faith US English

An act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved

good-faith residence US English

Residence within a state or territory which is permanent (or honestly intended to be so), as opposed to notional or temporary residence with the intention of benefiting from laws particular to that state or territory.

an article of faith US English

A firmly held belief

Defender of the Faith US English

A title conferred on Henry VIII by Pope Leo X in 1521. It was recognized by Parliament as an official title of the English monarch in 1544 and has been borne by all subsequent sovereigns

break faith in faith US English

Be disloyal (or loyal)

interfaith US English

Of, relating to, or between different religions or members of different religions

multifaith US English

Involving or characterized by a variety of religions

break or keep faith in faith US English

Be disloyal (or loyal)

confession of faith in confession US English

A statement setting out essential religious doctrine

keep faith with in faith US Thesaurus

Mrs. Grimes has always kept faith with everyone in my department

break faith with in faith US Thesaurus

our own chairman has broken faith with this organization

†act of the faith in act of faith US English

Specifically = auto-da-fé. Also †act of the faith. Now historical.