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ferret US English

A domesticated polecat kept as a pet or used, especially in Europe, for catching rabbits. It is typically albino or brown

ferret-badger US English

A small tree-climbing badger found in SE Asia, having a long tail and a brownish coat with conspicuous facial markings

polecat-ferret US English

A domestic ferret of a variety that has the darker colouring of the wild polecat

ferret something out in ferret US English

Search tenaciously for and find something

black-footed ferret in ferret US English

A rare weasellike animal (Mustela nigripes), found in grassland in the US

ferret US Thesaurus

she ferreted in her handbag

ferret English-Spanish

hurón m

ferret out English-Spanish


ferret around English-Spanish

husmear, hurgar*

ferret about English-Spanish

husmear, hurgar*

to ferret sth out of sb English-Spanish

sonsacarle* algo a algn