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ferric US English

Of or relating to iron

ferric acid US English

Any of a number of (sometimes hypothetical) oxyacids containing iron in a higher oxidation state; a solution containing such an acid, used especially to etch or dissolve copper.

ferric oxide US English

Iron(iii) oxide, a dark red solid which occurs naturally as the mineral haematite and is the main component of jeweller's rouge.

alumino-ferric US English

Containing both aluminium and iron; specifically designating the substance alumino-ferric; relating to this substance.

ferric chloride US English

Iron(iii) chloride, a red or (when hydrated) yellow solid with Lewis acid properties, used in solution to promote the clumping of particles in sewage treatment, and as an etchant for copper.

ferric sulphate US English

Iron(iii) sulphate, a yellow crystalline solid used especially as a coagulant in water purification and as a mordant in dyeing.

ferric phosphate US English

Iron(iii) phosphate, a yellow solid used as a molluscicide and in rustproofing iron.

ferric ferrocyanide US English

A dark blue cyanide of iron, which is the primary constituent of the pigment Prussian blue.