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fiber US English

A thread or filament from which a vegetable tissue, mineral substance, or textile is formed

fiber US Thesaurus

fibers from the murderer's sweater

fiber-optic US English

Consisting of or using thin flexible fibers with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength

glass fiber US English

A filament of glass

high-fiber US English

Denoting or relating to food or a diet that is high or relatively high in fiber

nerve fiber US English

The axon of a neuron. A nerve is formed of a bundle of many such fibers, with their sheaths

wood fiber US English

Fiber obtained from wood and used especially in the manufacture of paper

carbon fiber US English

A material consisting of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon, used as a strengthening material, especially in resins and ceramics

elastic fiber US English

A yellowish fiber composed chiefly of elastin and occurring in networks or sheets that give elasticity to tissues in the body

fiber optics US English

The use of thin flexible fibers of glass or other transparent solids to transmit light signals, chiefly for telecommunications or for internal examination of the body

optical fiber US English

A thin flexible fiber with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength

fibre art US English

Art or an art form that uses textiles (sometimes with other materials) as a medium; creative or decorative textile articles considered as art.

fibre tip US English

British term for felt-tip pen.

bast US English

Fibrous material from the phloem of a plant, used as fiber in matting, cord, etc.

coco fibre US English

= coconut fibre.

fibre artist US English

A person who creates fibre art.

Manila fibre US English

= Manila hemp.

mantle fibre US English

Any spindle fibre which is attached to a chromosome.

mossy fibre US English

A type of thick, highly branched afferent nerve fibre found especially in the cerebellar cortex.

multi-fibre US English

Composed or consisting of more than one fibre or kind of fibre.

muscle fibre US English

A muscle cell; especially the elongated multinucleate cell characteristic of striated muscle.

nanofiber US English

A fiber of material with a thickness or diameter of only a few nanometers

optic fibre US English

= optical fibre.

pitch fibre US English

A black waterproof material, consisting of compressed cellulose or asbestos fibre impregnated under vacuum with pitch, and used for making pipes.

C. fiber in beaver1 US English

A large semiaquatic broad-tailed rodent that is native to North America and northern Eurasia. It is noted for its habit of gnawing through tree trunks to fell the trees in order to feed on the bark and build dams

coconut fibre US English

Fibre obtained from the husk of the coconut; a thread or string of this.

mineral fibre US English

A fibre composed of a mineral substance; a material composed of such fibres matted together, used especially for insulation.

natural fibre US English

Textile fibre made from natural as opposed to synthetic materials.

multimode fibre US English

An optical fibre which has a diameter large enough to allow several modes of transmission of the light transmitted through it.

pineapple fibre US English

The fibre of the leaves of the pineapple.

projection fibre US English

A nerve fibre connecting one part of the nervous system with another (especially the cerebral cortex with a more peripheral part).

Purkinje fibre US English

A type of specialized cardiac muscle fibre responsible for the conduction of excitation from the atrioventricular node to the remainder of the ventricular myocardium.

reticular fibre US English

A fibre forming part of a netlike structure; specifically any of the collagen fibres forming a network in loose connective tissue in various sites in the body.

substitute fibre US English

A type of xylem fibre found in woody tissue, which consists of elongated, aseptate, partially lignified cells and is thought to form an intermediate between parenchyma (soft tissue) and tracheids.

vulcanized fibre US English

A tough laminated material consisting chiefly of cellulose, made by the chemical treatment of pulp made from paper, rags, etc.

fibre-optic cable US English

A cable consisting of one or more thin flexible fibres with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength