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figure US English

A number, especially one that forms part of official statistics or relates to the financial performance of a company

figure US Thesaurus

the production figure

figure on US English

Count or rely on something happening or being the case in the future

baby figure US English

A small or undeveloped version of something.

cult figure US English

A writer, musician, artist, or other public figure who is greatly admired by a relatively small audience or is influential despite limited commercial success

go figure! US English

Said to express the speaker’s belief that something is amazing or incredible

hill figure US English

An outline of a horse, human, or other design cut into the turf of a hill, especially in the chalk downs of southern England. The oldest of these (the White Horse at Uffington, Oxfordshire) is prehistoric

lay figure US English

A dummy or jointed manikin of a human body used by artists, especially for arranging drapery on

mum figure US English

A person who embodies the attributes of a mother; = mother figure.

pole figure US English

A circular diagram that is a stereographic projection of a sphere showing the positions of the poles of one or more lattice planes of a crystal or crystalline substance, the intensity of a spot in the diagram being proportional to the number of planes having the corresponding orientation.

red-figure US English

A type of ancient Greek pottery, originating in Athens in the late 6th century bc, in which figures are outlined and details added in black, and the background is then filled in with black to leave the figures in the red colour of the clay

action figure US English

A doll representing a person or fictional character known for vigorous action, such as a soldier or superhero. The figure typically is posable, with jointed limbs

black-figure US English

A type of ancient Greek pottery, originating in Corinth in the 7th century bc, in which figures are painted in black, details being added by incising through to the red clay background

crime figure US English

(In plural) statistics concerning crime, especially the incidence, type, etc., of criminal activity in a particular area.

cut a —— figure US English

Present oneself or appear in a particular way

father figure US English

An older man who is respected for his paternal qualities and may be an emotional substitute for a father

figure eight US English

An object or movement having the shape of the number eight

figure-ground US English

Relating to or denoting the perception of images by the distinction of objects from a background from which they appear to stand out, especially in contexts where this distinction is ambiguous

mother figure US English

A woman who is regarded as a source of nurture and support

myelin figure US English

A cylindrical or tubular structure formed in water by a bilayer of amphiphilic or hydrophobic molecules, especially phospholipids.

noise figure US English

= noise factor.

parent-figure US English

A person who is regarded as having all or some of the characteristics of a parent.

public figure US English

A person known of by the general public.

ribbon figure US English

= ribbon grain.

round-figure US English

Expressed in round numbers, especially designating a sum of money which is a round number.

Academy figure US English

A human figure of a type traditionally drawn or painted as studies by students in academies of art, usually one drawn half-life-size in crayon or pencil from a nude model.

figure floating US English

The formation of set patterns or figures by a group of swimmers floating in the water.

figure-hugging US English

(Of a garment) fitting closely to the contours of a woman’s body

figure skating US English

The competitive sport of ice skating in prescribed patterns (figures) and choreographed free skating

Messiah figure US English

A person regarded as having some of the attributes of a Messiah.

mitotic figure US English

A configuration of chromosomes (and often spindle apparatus) observed by light microscopy during mitosis; a nucleus or cell observed in mitosis.

pressure figure US English

Mineralogy a pattern of cracks formed on the surface of a mineral by applying steady pressure at a point.

quotient figure US English

A number that is a quotient; a number obtained by dividing one number by another.

attachment figure US English

The object of a strong emotional attachment; specifically the main person providing care, protection, and support to an infant; an individual's mother or mother-substitute.

authority figure US English

A person who has or represents authority

employment figure US English

(Frequently in plural) a statistic concerning the number or proportion of employed people within a population, industry, etc.

figure of fun US English

A person who is considered ridiculous

Lissajous figure US English

Any of a number of characteristic looped or curved figures traced out by a point undergoing two independent simple harmonic motions at right angles with frequencies in a simple ratio

percussion figure US English

A characteristic figure produced by a blow with a pointed instrument on a thin plate of certain crystals, especially mica.

Purkinje's figure US English

(Chiefly in plural) a visual image of branching lines, produced by the shadows cast by the retinal blood vessels when light enters the eye obliquely in certain conditions of illumination.

rhetorical figure US English

Any of the forms of expression which give beauty, variety, force, etc., to a composition in accordance with the theory and principles of rhetoric, as metaphor, metonym, hyperbole, etc.

significant figure US English

Each of the digits of a number that are used to express it to the required degree of accuracy, starting from the first nonzero digit

figure of speech US English

A word or phrase used in a nonliteral sense to add rhetorical force to a spoken or written passage

lose one's figure US English

Lose (or retain) a slim and attractive bodily shape

figure someone out US English

Reach an understanding of a person’s actions, motives, or personality

figure of merit US English

A numerical expression representing the performance or efficiency of a given device, material, or procedure

figure something out US English

Solve or discover the cause of a problem

ballpark US English

(Of prices or costs) approximate; rough

figure on in figure US English

Count or rely on something happening or being the case in the future

go figure! in go1 US English

Said to express the speaker’s belief that something is amazing or incredible

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