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finger US English

Each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five, if the thumb is included)

finger US Thesaurus

he wagged his finger at the cat

fat finger US English

Used to refer to clumsy or inaccurate typing, typically resulting from one finger striking two keys at the same time

finger bowl US English

A small bowl holding water for rinsing the fingers during or after a meal

finger-dry US English

Dry and style (hair) by repeatedly running one’s fingers through it

finger food US English

Food served in such a form and style that it can conveniently be eaten with the fingers

finger hole US English

A hole in a wind instrument that may be covered or left open to change pitch when playing

finger jam US English

A handhold formed by wedging a finger in a crack in the rock

finger wave US English

A wave set in wet hair using the fingers

fish finger US English

British term for fish stick.

five-finger US English

Any of a number of plants with leaves that are divided into five leaflets or with flowers that have five petals, such as cinquefoil

ring finger US English

The finger next to the little finger, especially of the left hand, on which the wedding band is worn

salt finger US English

One of several alternating columns of rising and descending water produced when a layer of water is overlain by a denser, saltier layer

zinc finger US English

A fingerlike loop of peptides enclosing a bound zinc ion at one end, typically part of a larger protein molecule (in particular one regulating transcription)

finger buffet US English

A buffet consisting of food of a kind that may be easily eaten with the fingers

finger cymbal US English

A small cymbal that can be attached to a finger or thumb, worn in pairs that are struck together to provide a rhythmic accompaniment to dancing

Finger Lakes US English

A region in central New York that is named for its series of narrow glacial lakes that lie parallel in a North-South orientation. Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga lakes are among the better known

finger paint US English

Thick paint designed to be applied with the fingers, used especially by young children

first finger US English

The finger next to the thumb; the forefinger; the index finger

index finger US English

The finger next to the thumb; the forefinger

lady's finger US English

another term for kidney vetch.

little finger US English

The smallest finger, at the outer end of the hand, farthest from the thumb

middle finger US English

The finger between the forefinger and the ring finger

finger alphabet US English

A form of sign language using the fingers to spell out words

finger biscuit US English

A biscuit with a long, narrow shape

finger language US English

Language expressed by means of the finger alphabet

finger-licking US English

Tasty; delicious

finger-pointing US English

Actions or words that bring attention to a particular person or issue

finger-wagging US English

The action of reprimanding or warning someone

trigger finger US English

The forefinger of the hand, as that with which the trigger of a gun is typically pulled

finger of God US English

An aspect between three planets where one is quincunx to each of the other two, which are sextile to each other

lift a finger US English

Make the slightest effort to do something, especially to help someone

point the finger US English

Openly accuse someone or apportion blame

five-finger discount US English

An act of shoplifting

five-finger exercise US English

An exercise on the piano for all the fingers on both hands

vibration white finger US English

Raynaud’s disease, when caused by exposure to chronic vibration

give someone the finger US English

Make an obscene gesture with the middle finger raised as a sign of contempt, meaning ‘fuck you.’

lay a finger on someone US English

Touch someone, especially with the intention of harming them

finger someone for in finger US English

Identify or choose someone for (a particular purpose)

have a finger in every pie US English

Be involved in a large and varied number of activities or enterprises

put one's finger on something US English

Identify something exactly

put one's finger in the dike US English

Attempt to stem the advance of something undesirable

have one's finger on the pulse US English

Be aware of all the latest news or developments

twist someone around one's little finger US English

Have the ability to make someone do whatever one wants

lift a finger in lift US English

Make the slightest effort to do something, especially to help someone

fingerhold US English

A small indentation or projection where a person can lodge a finger to support themselves

finger lock in finger jam US English

A handhold formed by wedging a finger in a crack in the rock

fingerpost US English

A post at a road junction from which signs project in the direction of the place or route indicated

fingertip US English

The tip of a finger

point the finger in point US English

Openly accuse someone or apportion blame

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