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fire US English

Combustion or burning, in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke

fire US Thesaurus

a fire broke out

on fire US English

In flames; burning

blue fire US English

A blue light (typically produced by igniting a mixture containing sulphur) formerly used on the stage to create an unearthly or ghostly atmosphere, or to convey the effect of supernatural happenings; (hence attributive) sensational.

bush fire US English

A fire in scrub or a forest, especially one that spreads rapidly

coal fire US English

A fire fuelled by coal or charcoal.

draw fire US English

Attract hostile criticism, usually away from a more important target

fen-fire US English

A will-o'-the-wisp

fire away US English

Used to give someone permission to begin speaking, typically to ask questions

take fire US English

Start to burn

fire ant US English

A tropical American ant that has a painful and sometimes dangerous sting

fire bell US English

A bell, typically an electric one, that rings to give warning of a fire

fire door US English

A fire-resistant door to prevent the spread of fire

fire exit US English

A designated way out of a building or passenger vehicle in the event of a fire occurring

fire hose US English

A large-diameter hose used in extinguishing fires

fire line US English

A firebreak in a forest

fire opal US English

Another term for girasol111.

fire risk US English

A material, substance, or action that increases the likelihood of an accidental fire occurring

fire sale US English

A sale of goods remaining after the destruction of commercial premises by fire

fire step US English

A step or ledge on which soldiers in a trench stand to fire

free-fire US English

Attributive Designating an area in which military forces are authorized to fire on any target without obtaining prior clearance; chiefly in free-fire zone.

gas fire US English

A domestic heating appliance which uses gas as its fuel

hang fire US English

Delay or be delayed in taking action or progressing

home fire US English

A fire burning in the hearth of a home. Frequently figurative and in figurative contexts, with allusion to the home or to family life in general.

log fire US English

A domestic fire in which logs are used as fuel

open fire US English

Begin to shoot a weapon

over-fire US English

To fire (ceramics) or heat (metal) at too high a temperature, or for too long a period.

pin-fire US English

Designating a form of cartridge for a breech-loading gun, fired by a pin thrust by the hammer of the lock into the fulminate.

port-fire US English

A handheld fuse used for firing cannons, igniting explosives, etc.

red fire US English

An intense red light produced by pyrotechnics; (now chiefly historical) a mixture ignited to produce this, typically containing strontium.

rock-fire US English

A hard incendiary substance that burns slowly and is difficult to extinguish, consisting chiefly of a mixture of resin, sulphur, and potassium nitrate.

sure-fire US English

Certain to succeed

altar fire US English

The fire on an altar.

brush fire US English

A fire in brush or scrub

catch fire US English

Become ignited and burn

crown fire US English

A forest fire that spreads from treetop to treetop

death fire US English

A mysterious light supposed to be seen floating or flickering in the air around a corpse, in a graveyard, etc.; a phosphorescent light emitted by decaying organic matter; (also) a luminous electrical discharge on a ship, etc., during a storm, St. Elmo's fire.

faith fire US English

Faith imagined as a fire which produces light or heat, or which needs fuel or tending.

under fire US English

Being shot at

fire alarm US English

A device making a loud noise that gives warning of a fire

fire chief US English

A person in charge of a group of firefighters

fire coral US English

A colonial corallike hydrozoan, the heavy external skeleton of which forms reefs. The polyps bear nematocysts that can inflict painful stings

fire cover US English

Rescue and support available to an area in the event of a fire occurring

fire drill US English

A practice of the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire

fire-eater US English

An entertainer who appears to eat fire

fire engine US English

A vehicle carrying firefighters and equipment for fighting large fires

fire escape US English

A staircase or other apparatus used for escaping from a building on fire

fire hazard US English

A material, substance, or action that increases the likelihood of an accidental fire occurring

fire irons US English

Implements for tending a domestic fire, typically tongs, a poker, and a shovel

Fire Island US English

A barrier island on the southern shore of Long Island in New York, the site of numerous small resort communities

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