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fluid US English

A substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure; a gas or (especially) a liquid

fluid US Thesaurus

the fluid seeps up the tube

brake fluid US English

Fluid used in a hydraulic brake system

fluid ounce US English

A unit of capacity equal to one sixteenth of a US pint (approximately 0.03 liter)

tissue fluid US English

Extracellular fluid that bathes the cells of most tissues, arriving via blood capillaries and being removed via the lymphatic vessels

amniotic fluid US English

The fluid surrounding a fetus within the amnion

fluid mechanics US English

The branch of mechanics dealing with the properties of fluids in various states and with their reaction to forces acting upon them

prostatic fluid US English

An alkaline fluid secreted by the prostate gland during ejaculation that forms part of the semen

correction fluid US English

An opaque liquid painted over a typed or written error so as to leave a blank space for the insertion of the correct character

cerebrospinal fluid US English

Clear watery fluid that fills the space between the arachnoid membrane and the pia mater

fluid drachm in drachm US English

A liquid measure formerly used by apothecaries, equivalent to 60 minims or one eighth of a fluid ounce

semifluid US English

Having a thick consistency between solid and liquid