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fond US English

Having an affection or liking for

au fond US English

In essence

Fond du Lac US English

An industrial and commercial city in southeastern Wisconsin, on Lake Winnebago; population 42,025 (est. 2008)

farewell US English

Parting good wishes

overfond US English

Having too great an affection or liking for someone or something

fond US Thesaurus

she was fond of dancing

fond English-Spanish

she's very fond of Sue

to grow fond of sb in fond English-Spanish

tomarle cariño a algn, encariñarse con algn

she's very fond of Sue in fond English-Spanish

le tiene mucho cariño a Sue, quiere mucho a Sue

he was fond of chocolate in fond English-Spanish

le gustaba el chocolate

to bid sb a sad/fond farewell in farewell English-Spanish

despedirse* de algn con tristeza/cariño

he's too fond of the good life in life English-Spanish

es demasiado aficionado a la buena vida

I'm particularly fond of the little one in particularly English-Spanish

le tengo especial cariño al pequeño, le tengo mucho cariño al pequeño en particular

he's a bit too fond of criticizing other people in fond English-Spanish

es demasiado aficionado a criticar a los demás

she has fond/unhappy memories of her childhood in memory English-Spanish

tiene gratos/malos recuerdos de su infancia

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