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fritillary US English

A Eurasian plant of the lily family, with hanging bell-like flowers

marsh fritillary US English

A Palaearctic fritillary (butterfly), Eurodryas aurinia, of bogs and open grassland.

regal fritillary US English

A large nymphalid butterfly, Speyeria idalia, found chiefly in the prairies of east-central United States, having deep orange forewings and distinctive blue-black hindwings with pale spots; also called regal silverspot, Idalia.

pearl-bordered fritillary US English

Either of two European woodland fritillaries (butterflies) of the genus Boloria, with whitish spots along the margin of the hindwing.

great spangled fritillary in fritillary US English

A butterfly with orange-brown wings that are checkered with black

Queen of Spain fritillary in Queen of Spain US English

(In full Queen of Spain fritillary) a migratory fritillary butterfly, Issoria lathonia, widely distributed in mainland Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia.