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function US English

An activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing

function US Thesaurus

the main function of the machine

structure–function US English

The way in which the structure of something relates to its function. rare.

Airy function US English

Either of the two linearly independent solutions to the differential equation d2 y/dx 2−xy = 0, which are usually expressed in the form of an indefinite integral.

function key US English

A button on a computer keyboard, distinct from the main alphanumeric keys, to which software can assign a particular function

function room US English

A room in a hotel, pub, or similar public building that is used for social events, meetings, or ceremonies

function word US English

A word whose purpose is more to signal grammatical relationship than the lexical meaning of a sentence, e.g., do in do you live here?

mass function US English

Chiefly Astronomy. A function involving relationships of mass; specifically (a) a relationship used to determine the masses of the two stars of a spectroscopic binary when only the spectrum of one star (m 1) can be observed, namely (m 2 3 sin3 i)/(m 1 + m 2)2, where m 1 and m 2 are the star masses and i is the inclination of the orbit; (b) an expression describing the number of objects per unit volume in different ranges of mass, for a group of stars, galaxies, etc.

ramp function US English

A continuous function whose value increases linearly for a particular range of values of the independent variable, and is constant outside this range; specifically the function f(x) = x + ?x?/2, which is zero for negative values of the argument and is linear with a gradient of 1 for positive values.

risk function US English

A function expressing risk; specifically (in decision theory) a function expressing the uncertainties associated with the expected losses resulting from the possible outcomes of a decision.

step function US English

A function that increases or decreases abruptly from one constant value to another

wave function US English

A function that satisfies a wave equation and describes the properties of a wave

work function US English

The minimum quantity of energy that is required to remove an electron to infinity from the surface of a given solid, usually a metal

gamma function US English

A function (symbol Γ) which extends the notion of factorial n (written n!) from positive whole numbers to real and complex variables, given by Γ(z) = ∫∞ 0 t z − 1 e −t dt.

Gibbs function US English

The equation expressing the Gibbs free energy.

Green function US English

A kind of function used in solving non-homogeneous differential equations.

latent function US English

An unintended consequence of social actions, structures, etc., which is not recognized by the participants.

point function US English

A function which depends on the state of a physical system, specifically the position of a point in this system.

power function US English

Mathematics. A function which relates one quantity to an exponential power of another quantity; a function of the form y = ax n.

state function US English

A quantity in thermodynamics, such as entropy or enthalpy, that has a unique value for each given state of a system

truth function US English

A function whose truth value is dependent on the truth value of its arguments

circular function US English

Another term for trigonometric function.

density function US English

Short for probability density function.

Helmholtz function US English

Mathematics the transformation of the complex plane Z = 1/π(e z + z + 1), which arises in the representation of fluid flow through a spout with infinite plane walls (disused).

manifest function US English

An intended consequence of social actions, structures, etc., which is recognized by the participants.

Mathieu function US English

An even or odd periodic function that satisfies Mathieu's equation.

Neumann function US English

A function of a real variable x equal to ((cos nπ) J n(x) − J −n(x))/sin nπ (where J n is a Bessel function), which is a solution of Bessel's equation when n is not an integer.

objective function US English

(In linear programming) the function that it is desired to maximize or minimize

partition function US English

A sum of the form ∑ i Ωi exp (−Ei/kT) (where Ωi is the degeneracy of the state with energy E i, k is Boltzmann's constant, and T the absolute temperature), or an analogous integral, which enters into the expression for the distribution of the particles of a system among different energy states and other thermodynamic quantities (symbol Z).

periodic function US English

A function returning to the same value at regular intervals

potential function US English

A mathematical function by the differentiation of which can be expressed the (gravitational, electromagnetic, etc.) force at any point in space arising from a system of bodies, electrical charges, etc. More widely: any function from which a vector field can be derived by differentiation.

private function US English

A private party or other social event.

recursive function US English

A function which has or which may be given a recursive definition; also in extended use.

response function US English

Psychol. a context-specific response to a stimulus, relating to its significance to the responder.

special function US English

Any of various mathematical functions regarded as particularly important, especially in mathematical physics.

transfer function US English

A mathematical function relating the output or response of a system such as a filter circuit to the input or stimulus

utility function US English

A mathematical function that ranks alternatives according to their utility to an individual

complementary function US English

The part of the general solution of a linear differential equation that is the general solution of the associated homogeneous equation obtained by substituting zero for the terms not containing the dependent variable

discriminant function US English

A function of several variates used to assign items into one of two or more groups. The function for a particular set of items is obtained from measurements of the variates of items that belong to a known group

distribution function US English

Short for cumulative distribution function.

exponential function US English

A function whose value is a constant raised to the power of the argument, especially the function where the constant is e

generating function US English

A function used to define a series of numbers when the function is expressed as a power series whose coefficients form the series.

perturbative function US English

A function expressing the potential of the factors which cause perturbation, especially (Astronomy) in the motion of a celestial object.

point-spread function US English

The spatial extent of the image of a point; a mathematical expression giving this for a particular optical system.

probability function US English

A probability distribution; any function that is everywhere non-negative and whose integral between −∞ and +∞ is 1.

propositional function US English

A statement with one or more terms unspecified which becomes a proposition when the terms are specified (as X is mortal → Socrates is mortal).

trigonometric function US English

A function of an angle, or of an abstract quantity, used in trigonometry, including the sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant, and their hyperbolic counterparts

autocorrelation function US English

A mathematical function that expresses the autocorrelation of a series or array in terms of the separation interval.

autocovariance function US English

A mathematical function that expresses the autocovariance of a series in terms of the interval of separation.

characteristic function US English

A function whose result is one for the members of a given set and zero for all nonmembers

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