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gamble US English

Play games of chance for money; bet

gamble US Thesaurus

he started to gamble more often

gamble English-Spanish


gamble away English-Spanish

perder* jugando

Procter & Gamble New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

company producing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

gamble away English-Spanish

perder* jugando

the gamble paid off in gamble English-Spanish

valió la pena arriesgarse

marriage is a big gamble in gamble English-Spanish

el matrimonio es una lotería

to gamble on the Stock Exchange in gamble English-Spanish

especular en la Bolsa, jugar* a la Bolsa

I'm prepared to gamble my reputation in gamble English-Spanish

estoy dispuesto a jugarme la reputación

this apparently mad gamble turned out to be a stroke of genius in apparently English-Spanish

lo que parecía ser una locura resultó un golpe genial