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gin1 US English

A clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavored with juniper berries

gin2 US English

A machine for separating cotton from its seeds

gin3 US English

An Aboriginal woman

gin rummy in gin1 US English

A two-handed form of the card game rummy in which players are dealt ten cards each and attempt to produce a hand in which the point value of unmatched cards adds up to ten or less

gin mill US English

A run-down or seedy nightclub or bar

gin sling US English

A drink of gin and water, sweetened and flavoured with lemon or lime juice

pink gin US English

Gin flavoured with angostura bitters

sloe gin US English

A liqueur made by steeping sloes in gin

cotton gin US English

A machine for separating cotton from its seeds

gin-soaked US English

Habitually drunk on gin

gin someone up US English

Arouse or intensify strong feelings in someone

gin something up US English

Generate or increase something, especially by dubious or dishonest means

rickey US English

A drink consisting of liquor, typically gin, mixed with lime juice, carbonated water, and ice

it2 US English

Italian vermouth

gin trap in gin2 US English

A snare for catching game