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glad1 US English

Pleased; delighted

glad2 US English

A gladiolus

glad-hand US English

(Especially of a politician) greet or welcome warmly or with the appearance of warmth

glad rags US English

Clothes for a special occasion; one’s best clothes

glad US Thesaurus

I'm really glad you're coming

glad English-Spanish


glad-hand English-Spanish

to glad-hand sb

glad rags English-Spanish

she put on her glad rags

to glad-hand sb in glad-hand English-Spanish

estrecharle la mano a algnpara conquistar su voto

oh good, I'm so glad in glad English-Spanish

¡qué bien! ¡cuánto me alegro!

I'm glad you like it in glad English-Spanish

me alegro de que te guste

I'm glad you've told me in glad English-Spanish

me alegro de que me lo hayas dicho

I'm so glad to meet you in glad English-Spanish

encantado de conocerla/conocerlo, mucho gusto

I was glad of his advice in glad English-Spanish

agradecí que me hubiera aconsejado

she put on her glad rags in glad rags English-Spanish

se puso sus mejores galas, se puso de tiros largos

to give sb the glad hand in hand English-Spanish

saludar a algn efusivamente

I'm so glad to meet you in so English-Spanish

me alegro tanto de conocerte

I'm glad (that) you're here in that English-Spanish

me alegro de que estés aquí

I'm only too glad to help in glad English-Spanish

es un placer poder ser útil

glad to have been of help in help English-Spanish

me alegro de haber podido ayudar

I'd be very glad of your help in glad English-Spanish

agradecería mucho tu ayuda

would you give me a hand? — glad to in glad English-Spanish

¿me daría una mano? — con mucho gusto

to be glad to see the back of sb in see English-Spanish

alegrarse de que algn se vaya

to give sb the eyeodated/anticuado the glad eye in eye English-Spanish

hacerle* ojitos a algn colloquial/familiar

I'm glad we're of like mind on this issue in like English-Spanish

me alegro de que estemos de acuerdo

I miss work, but I'm glad to be out of the fray in fray English-Spanish

echo de menos el trabajo, pero me alegro de no estar en la brecha

I'm glad you see things the same way (as) I do in same English-Spanish

me alegro de que veas las cosas como yo

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