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go-go US English

Relating to or denoting an unrestrained and erotic style of dancing to popular music

go1 US English

Move from one place or point to another; travel

go2 US English

A Japanese board game of territorial possession and capture

go US Thesaurus

he's gone into town

to go US English

(Of food or drink from a restaurant or cafe) to be eaten or drunk off the premises

come under the hammer US English

Be sold at an auction

get back to nature US English

Return to the type of life (regarded as being more in tune with nature) that existed before the development of complex industrial societies

get nowhere US English

Make no progress

make the rounds US English

(Of a story or joke) be passed on from person to person

there you are US English

This is what you wanted

go it US English

Act in a vigorous, energetic, or dissipated way

go at US English

Energetically attack or tackle

go on US English

Continue or persevere

go up US English

(Of a building or other structure) be built

go-by US English

Avoid or snub someone

go-in US English

Frequently with at. An attack, an onslaught; a quarrel, an argument; a ‘set-to’. Compare run-in. Chiefly Australian in later use.

go-to US English

Denoting a person or thing that may be relied on or is regularly sought out in a particular situation

no-go US English

Not ready or not functioning properly

go ape US English

Express wild excitement or anger

go far US English

Achieve a great deal

get-go US English

The very beginning

as —— go US English

Compared to the average or typical one of the specified kind

go for US English

Decide on; choose

go off US English

(Of a gun, bomb, or similar device) explode or fire

go out US English

(Of a fire or light) be extinguished

go-bag US English

A bag packed with essential items, kept ready for use in the event of an emergency evacuation of one’s home

go-cup US English

A disposable plastic or paper cup of the type provided by a cafe or restaurant for a takeaway drink; (originally specifically, especially in the southern United States) such a cup used to take an alcoholic drink away from the premises of a bar or restaurant; compare to go.

go-get US English

To behave in the manner of a go-getter; to work hard or ambitiously; to show enterprise or initiative. Also with object: to acquire by such methods.

go-see US English

That involves going to see someone or something, or to be seen by someone. In later use applied especially to an interview (especially in fashion modelling) or audition.

not-go US English

Designating a gauge, or part of a gauge, that will not pass through an aperture of the required size, or will not admit an object of the required size.

go-go-go US English

Unremitting activity or effort.

go bail US English

Act as surety for an accused person

go bung US English

Break down; fail or go bankrupt

go deep US English

(Of emotions, beliefs, etc.) be strongly and wholeheartedly felt or held

go back US English

(Of a clock) be set to an earlier standard time, especially at the end of daylight saving time

go down US English

(Of a ship or aircraft) sink or crash

go into US English

Take up in study or as an occupation

go over US English

Examine, consider, or check the details of (something)

go with US English

Give one’s consent or agreement to (a person or their views)

go-away US English

In full go-away bird. Any of three African turacos of the genus Corythaixoides, which have distinctive loud alarm calls; especially the all-grey C. concolor of southern Africa (also called grey loerie).

go-cart US English

variant spelling of go-kart.

go-easy US English

Easy-going; relaxed, casual, leisurely.

go-fast US English

Attributive Characterized by or favouring rapid or prompt action.

go fish US English

A card game in which each player in turn asks an opponent for a particular card and is told to “go fish” from the undealt deck if denied

go-kart US English

A small racing car with a lightweight or skeleton body

go gold US English

(Of a recording) achieve sales meriting a gold disk

go-slow US English

(Of a proposal or course of action) cautious and prudent

go-stop US English

Of or relating to an economic system or situation characterized by alternating periods of inflation and deflation.

go-team US English

A group of investigators who can be dispatched immediately to investigate accidents, attacks, and the like

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