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grasshopper US English

A plant-eating insect with long hind legs that are used for jumping and for producing a chirping sound. It frequents grassy places and low vegetation

grasshopper mouse US English

A mainly carnivorous North American mouse with a stout body, gray or brownish fur, and a short white-tipped tail

grasshopper escapement US English

A type of recoil escapement which requires no lubrication.

grasshopper warbler US English

A secretive Eurasian warbler whose song is a high-pitched mechanical-sounding trill

long-horned grasshopper US English

An insect related to the grasshoppers, with very long antennae and a mainly carnivorous diet. Many kinds live among shrubby vegetation, active mainly at dusk and in the night

red-legged grasshopper US English

A small North American grasshopper with reddish hind tibiae, Melanoplus femurrubrum, which is often an agricultural pest.

knee-high to a grasshopper US English

Very small or very young

Rocky Mountain grasshopper US English

= Rocky Mountain locust.