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group US English

A number of people or things that are located close together or are considered or classed together

group US Thesaurus

the exhibits were divided into three distinct groups

T-group US English

A group of people undergoing therapy or training in which they observe and seek to improve their own interpersonal relationships or communication skills

age group US English

A number of people or things classed together as being of similar age

group hug US English

An instance of three or more people embracing one another simultaneously, typically to provide support or express solidarity

group sex US English

Sexual activity involving a number of people

in-group US English

An exclusive, typically small, group of people with a shared interest or identity

kin group US English

A group of people related by blood or marriage

out-group US English

Those people who do not belong to a specific in-group

pew group US English

A representation of people seated on a high-backed bench, usually in salt-glazed stoneware.

pop group US English

A number of musicians and vocalists who perform pop music together

rap group US English

Informal a mutual support group which meets to discuss shared problems.

blood group US English

Any of the various types of human blood whose antigen characteristics determine compatibility in transfusion. The best known blood groups are those of the ABO system

book group US English

A group of people who meet regularly to discuss books that all the members have read

care group US English

A group of patients requiring or receiving a particular type of medical care.

chat group US English

A group of people who communicate regularly via the Internet, usually in real time but also by email

crown group US English

The group consisting of all the living species of a clade together with their latest common ancestor and any of its extinct descendants; contrasted with stem group.

faith group US English

A group of people belonging to or representing a particular religious faith; the members of a particular faith considered collectively.

focus group US English

A demographically diverse group of people assembled to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product before it is launched, or to provide ongoing feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.

food group US English

Any of a number of categories (now usually four or five) into which foods are classified in various nutritional schemes.

girl group US English

A group composed of girls.

Group Area US English

A residential or other area designated for occupation or use by a particular official ethnic group; usually in plural and attributive, designating legislation providing for such areas and prohibiting occupation or ownership of them by members of any other group; chiefly in Group Areas Act.

group home US English

A home where a small number of unrelated people in need of care, support, or supervision can live together, such as those who are elderly or mentally ill

group mate US English

A fellow member of a group, especially a social group.

group mind US English

(Usually with the) a way of thinking and feeling developed by a group of people, often considered to prevail over individual thoughts and beliefs; a notional collective mind or consciousness shared by a group of people, as expressed in uniformity of thought or behaviour.

group norm US English

A standard or typical value within a group of results.

group rate US English

A payment or charge applicable to a group of people or things; (originally) specifically a uniform rail fare (especially for freight) applicable from any place within a certain area; (now chiefly) a reduced payment for a service, amenity, etc., made available to a group of people applying together.

group stage US English

A stage composed of or characterized by groups; (Sport) (in singular and plural) a stage of a competition in which teams compete in a number of groups, one or more of the best-placed teams from each group progressing to the next stage (typically a series of knockout matches).

group verb US English

A multi-word verb consisting of a verb and one or more further elements which together function as a single syntactical unit; a phrasal or prepositional verb.

group word US English

A number of words constituting a semantic unit within a sentence; specifically a phrase which functions grammatically as a single word.

group work US English

Work done by a group in collaboration

lobby group US English

A body formed to influence legislation on a particular issue

Local Group US English

The cluster of galaxies of which the Milky Way is a member

Nabi Group US English

A group of late 19th-century French painters, largely symbolist in their approach and heavily indebted to Gauguin. Members of the group included Maurice Denis, Pierre Bonnard, and Edouard Vuillard

nitro group US English

A group, —NO2, attached to an organic group in a molecule

noun group US English

The class of nouns.

peer group US English

A group of people of approximately the same age, status, and interests

play group US English

A regular meeting of a group of preschool children, organized by parents for their children to take part in supervised creative and social play

point group US English

Any of the 32 sets of symmetry operations which can be used to characterize three-dimensional lattices and are the basis of the system of crystal classes

risk group US English

A group of people considered collectively in terms of a shared or similar likelihood of being affected by a given negative event.

space group US English

Any of 230 symmetry groups used to classify crystal structures

study group US English

A group of people who meet to study a particular subject and then report their findings or recommendations

think group US English

A group of people that meets to discuss a subject or solve a problem.

tone group US English

A group of words forming a distinctive unit in an utterance, containing a nucleus and optionally one or more other syllables before and after the nucleus

user group US English

An organization or group of people focused on the use of a particular (in later use especially computer-orientated) product, service, or technology.

word group US English

A group of words.

year group US English

(With reference to statistical data) a group of people or animals classed together on the basis of age; compare age group.

Abelian group US English

A group whose binary operation is commutative.

ability group US English

Any of a number of subdivisions of pupils grouped together for instruction as part of an ability grouping programme.

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