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heroine US English

A woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities

cult heroine US English

A female writer, musician, artist, or other public figure who is greatly admired by a relatively small audience or is influential despite limited commercial success

antiheroine US English

A female antihero

heroine US Thesaurus

she's a heroine—she saved my baby

heroine English-Spanish

heroína feminine

action heroine English-Spanish

heroína feminine de acción

the heroine must be someone our readers can identify with in identify English-Spanish

la heroína debe ser una persona con la que nuestras lectoras se puedan identificar

she has been variously considered as a heroine and a traitor in variously English-Spanish

se la ha considerado de forma muy diversa: a veces como heroína y a veces como traidora