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horse US English

A solid-hoofed plant-eating domesticated mammal with a flowing mane and tail, used for riding, racing, and to carry and pull loads

to horse US English

(As a command) mount your horses!

to horse in horse US English

(As a command) mount your horses!

horse US Thesaurus

Nadine boards and grooms horses

mud horse US English

A wooden sledge used by shrimpers in the Bristol Channel to transport their catch across mudflats to the shore.

one-horse US English

Drawn by or using a single horse

pin-horse US English

The middle horse in a team of three draught horses, or the third horse in a team of four, harnessed one behind the other.

red horse US English

Any of various North American suckers (freshwater fishes of the family Catostomidae), of the genus Moxostoma or related genera, having the lower fins (and often the dorsal fin and tail) bright red or orange. Frequently with distinguishing word.

two-horse US English

(Of a race or other contest) in which only two of the competitors or participants are likely winners

blood horse US English

A thoroughbred horse

body horse US English

A shaft horse, a wheel horse.

cart horse US English

A large, strong horse suitable for heavy work

coal horse US English

A horse used to pull a coal wagon.

Crazy Horse US English

(Circa 1849–77), Sioux chief; Sioux name Ta-Sunko-Witko. A leading figure in the resistance to white settlement on Native American land, he was at the center of the confederation that defeated General Custer at Little Bighorn in 1876. He surrendered in 1877 and was killed while in custody

dark horse US English

A candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds

draft horse US English

A large horse used for pulling heavy loads, especially a cart or plow

dray horse US English

A large, powerful horse used to pull heavy loads

heavy horse US English

A large, strong, heavily built horse of a type or breed used for draft work

horse-block US English

A mounting block

horse cloth US English

A cloth used to cover a horse, or as part of its trappings

horse-coper US English

Another term for coper.

horse-drawn US English

(Of a vehicle) pulled by a horse or horses

horse float US English

A vehicle for transporting one or more horses

horse opera US English

A western movie

horse race US English

A race between two or more horses ridden by jockeys

horse sense US English

Common sense

horse show US English

An event involving competitions and displays in various equestrian sports such as showjumping and dressage

Irish horse US English

Salt beef which is particularly tough, especially through being old.

iron horse US English

A steam locomotive

lady's horse US English

A horse suitable to be ridden by a woman, especially one trained to carry a person riding side-saddle.

mill-horse US English

A horse used for turning or working a mill.

night horse US English

Chiefly Australian and US, a horse used for work at night.

pair-horse US English

Attributive Having, involving, intended for, or consisting of a pair of horses.

place horse US English

A horse which comes in among those placed.

plate horse US English

A racehorse which competes in races for plates.

plush horse US English

A toy horse made from plush. Also: the type of something ostentatious, luxurious, etc.; frequently in dressed (up) like (Mrs) Astor's plush horse and variants.

pole horse US English

A horse that is harnessed to the pole of a carriage or wagon; a wheeler.

post-horse US English

A horse kept at a post-house or inn for the use of post-riders, or for hire by travellers.

relay horse US English

A horse used in a relay; a reserve horse.

ring horse US English

A horse trained to perform in a circus ring.

road horse US English

A horse suitable for use on roads, in later use typically one capable of speed when pulling a light carriage; a roadster.

rope horse US English

A horse trained to be ridden by a person lassoing an animal.

salt horse US English

Salted beef

shire horse US English

A heavy powerful horse of a draft breed, originally from the English Midlands

sport horse US English

A horse used for hunting, racing, or competitive equestrian events.

stock horse US English

A horse that is trained to herd livestock

towel horse US English

A free-standing frame on which to hang towels

trace-horse US English

A horse put in traces to pull a vehicle

train horse US English

A horse employed to draw artillery.

wheel horse US English

A horse harnessed nearest the wheels of a vehicle

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