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host1 US English

A person who receives or entertains other people as guests

host2 US English

A large number of people or things

host3 US English

The bread consecrated in the Eucharist

Host in hosta US English

An eastern Asian plant cultivated in the West for its shade-tolerant foliage and loose clusters of tubular mauve or white flowers

host1 US Thesaurus

the host greeted the guests

host2 US Thesaurus

a host of memories

no-host US English

Designating a dinner, bar, etc., at which guests are required to pay for their own food or drink.

heavenly host US English

A literary or biblical term for the angels

host country US English

A country that holds a sporting or cultural event to which others are invited

definitive host US English

An organism that supports the adult or sexually reproductive form of a parasite

intermediate host US English

An organism that supports the immature or nonreproductive forms of a parasite

radio talk show host US English

A person who hosts the discussion on a radio talk show.

cohost US English

A joint host

host cell in host1 US English

A living cell in which a virus multiplies

host computer in host1 US English

A computer that mediates multiple access to databases mounted on it or provides other services to a computer network