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how-to US English

Providing detailed and practical advice

how-to-vote card US English

(In the preferential voting system) a card issued to voters by a party or candidate indicating how supporters should mark their preferences on the ballot paper

how do? in how1 US English

An informal greeting

how so? in how1 US English

How can you show that that is so?

how come? in come US English

Said when asking how or why something happened or is the case

how far in far US English

Used to ask how great a distance is

and how! in how1 US English

Very much so (used to express strong agreement)

how much in how1 US English

What amount or price

how now? in how1 US English

What is the meaning of this?

here's how! in how1 US English

Said when drinking to someone’s health

how about in how1 US English

Used to make a suggestion or offer

how say you? in say US English

How do you find? (addressed to the jury when requesting its verdict)

how dare you in dare US English

Used to express indignation

depending on in depend US English

Being conditioned by; contingent on

the how and why in how1 US English

The methods and reasons for doing something

how do you do? in how1 US English

A formal greeting

how the land lies in land US English

What the state of affairs is

how the world wags in wag1 US English

How affairs are going or being conducted

how the other half lives in other half US English

Used to allude to the way of life of a different group in society, especially a wealthier one